Porta cabin in India

SAMAN manufactures the best porta cabins in India. Our porta cabin accommodation is suitable for all on-site solutions. If you frequently use buildings in different locations, flat pack portacabins are the best solution

SAMAN manufactures the best porta cabins in India. All on-site solutions can be accommodated in our porta cabins. Our offices are located in Ahmedabad and Pune. Our area has hundreds of raw materials manufacturers, so we can provide you with the most cost-effective price.

Our city’s wages are lower than those in coastal cities, so we can reduce production costs and provide the same quality at the best price. Since our main foreign markets are in undeveloped countries for the middle and low classes, our prices are neither the highest nor the lowest.

In addition, we have exported to some countries in Europe, South and North America, and Southeast Asia.

An interior view of the Porta Cabin

The Porta Cabin’s interior can be customized according to your requirements.

If there are more people in one room, the Porta Cabins can be combined to accommodate more people. We can provide you with separate bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and public toilets and showers, just let us know your requirements, and we will provide you with a suitable solution. The porta cabin is a temporary building or structure that is designed and constructed to be mobile and not permanently situated.

Porta Cabins: Why Build Houses With Them?

  1. The diversity of appearances. Clients can customize the interior decoration and exterior appearance according to their preferences. If you have a real project in mind, we can design a custom design for you.
  2. A simple requirement for the foundation. When you start a project, you don’t have to worry about the ground foundation. Work will be made possible by a simple concrete foundation.
  3. environmentally friendly Materials. The construction site will not be polluted because sandwich panels and steel structures are green and environmentally friendly.
  4. Built quickly and safely by truck, there is barely a construction period.
  5. Savings on material costs, transportation costs, and labor costs. We can load about 12 sets of our container units into one 40 HQ shipping container, which could greatly reduce your purchasing costs.
  6. You can disassemble and reassemble it several times.
  7. Using non-combustible materials, it is waterproof with a complete drainage system.

Types Of Porta Cabin We Provides

  • prefabricated Office cabins: Our prefabricated office cabins can serve almost any purpose. An ideal choice in the following industries: road construction, remote oilfield sites, mining sites, bridge construction, and porta cabins require very little deployment time for each container.
  • Interiors of office cabins: As soon as the porta cabin is installed, it does not require secondary decoration and can be used immediately. We can provide you with decoration materials or you can buy them locally and decorate your office however you like.
  • Multistorey Cabins: We suggest that you build no more than three floors of porta cabins if you want to build multistorey cabins.
  • Porta Cabin Bedroom: We can design 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, or 3 bedrooms based on your size and house function requirements.
  • Prefab Accommodation Building: When more people are living in a building, the number of rooms and floors should be determined according to the land area and your budget.
  • A prefabricated mosque and majlis: Different countries have different cultures and beliefs. Mosques and Majilis can also be built with Porta Cabins. Tell us what we need to pay attention to.
  • Portable Security Cabin: Porta Cabin is made from steel frames and durable sandwich panels. Like a normal building, the door and window have security bars, which protect you from cold and hot weather.
  • Porta Cabin Shower And Toilet: Porta Cabin Shower And Toilet can be sized to suit your needs as they change. The facilities can include changing rooms, and showers, and are completely customizable. You can relocate your Temporary Toilets when you need to change the site.
  • Building a stylish kitchen in the shortest possible time while ensuring safety and a nice appearance is important. SAMAN comes up with a solution to this problem. We know that the biggest headache for the kitchen to how to clean the whole area in the quickest way and fireproof. To solve this problem, we choose a fireproof stainless aluminum steel plate as the cover of the sandwich panel, and insulation A1 features fireproof rock wool insulation. All the items are pre-produced in our factory, then we send them into pieces to your site, you can assemble them very quickly with our installation video or manual.

What Is Porta Cabin Used For?

The Porta cabin multi-purpose facility can provide workers’ Accommodation Units for customers in the Philippines, site offices come up with a solution to ls and restaurants in Kenya, military camps in Mali, oil field camps in Libya, outdoor ablution blocks in South Sudan, etc.

Does A Porta Cabin Need Planning Permission?

Yes, all temporary buildings require planning permission. Planning requirements state that regardless of size, any building or structure in place over 28 days has to have planning approval. However, this isn’t a problem as we can submit and manage your planning application on your behalf.

Low-Cost Porta Room

  1. The labor needed in porta cabins is much less compared to traditional construction sites.
  2. Since the construction period is short, it is not affected by environmental conditions and can be built in all seasons.
  3. It has simple requirements for the ground foundation, just confirm the ground is flat and hard, and you can put the porta cabin on the ground directly.
  4. When your project is finished on one site, you can move the porta cabins to the next site to continue to use, even if you sell them by waste iron price, you can also earn some money.

Porta Cabin Packing and Delivery

We attach great importance to transportation and packaging. Although there are many parts, we will label and take photos to facilitate your inspection and ready-made installation after receiving the goods.

Our packing masters are very experienced and will maximize the use of the space of the shipping container, help you save transportation costs, and also ensure that the goods will not be bumped or damaged during transportation.