Site Location

Why we have chosen Dommasandra Village as site location? Does it is mandate to do business in only in the center of the city? Yes, business doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to do in the heart of the city or center of the city. Your business site location can be outskirt of the city but follow a perfect itinerary. You get the true perks of business when you wander. As the saying goes, “not all who wander are lost,” wander in the beautiful cities, towns, and villages of India, and there you will find yourself.

People considered it a big industry for warehouse in Bangalore. This place has quite a few good sport clubs that are isolated from the hustles and bustles of crowd and local population. People considered it as the adventure sports capital of Bangalore.

The people of this village take care of the village’s cleanliness as much as we do for our houses. With a beautiful sky view from an 85-feet high tower, located in this village, you can have a spellbinding vacation here. If you love to play cricket, do not miss to play the in ABR spot club, which is one of best cricket club in Bangalore. Due to these feature, we have selected this village for SAMAN.

Dommasandra Village

India is basically an agricultural country and therefore its maximum population lives in villages. Villagers live fare from the cities and towns and we notice a completely different life there the charms of nature. People fully enjoy in Dommasandra village because it keep you far from the hustle and bustle and worry of the city life. It is in these villages that our country's most basic business agriculture takes place.

In villages we find purity of everything. There is no smoke, no pollution, and no noise. A wonderful peace, we can feel as soon as we enter the village. Fresh air, which we never find while living in cities, is abundantly available to the villagers. Perhaps therefore they are so happy and healthy. They eat simple food in which pure ghee and milk mixes up..

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