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SAMAN POS India Pvt Ltd is the top supplier of prefab structures in India and Overseas. Since 2017, we have persistently tried and prospered to established ourselves as a prominent figure in the market. Our exceptional ranges of prefab structures include mobile offices, mobile homes, prefab buildings, pre-engineered farmhouses, portable sheds, porta cabins, security office, including 30+ products.

We offer tailored Prefabricated Office by taking various aspects in consideration like sizes, layouts, budget, and designs. At SAMAN POS India Pvt Ltd, we work alongside you with your every step. You express us your idea and we design you a fully functional prefab office with an elegant interior layout.

Tailor-Made Interiors

Our prefab office offers you to a viable platform to move your office to different sites and develop your business with new uncharted opportunities. Whether you want an in-built kitchen, restrooms, cubicles, closets or all in one, we get everything covered for you. Unlike traditional structures, you don’t need to keep your finger crossed and hopeful for a better result. As a reliable organization, we have an active partnership with significant manufacturers who use progressive technology and skilled engineers. As a result, you get an élite product which is also aesthetically pleasing to eyes.

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Superior Designs


Our prefab constructions go through a wide-ranging manufacturing phase which comprises a modern designing process from our skilled designers. All we need is a basic idea about your business and then we provide you a selection to choose a design from our fashionable collections. We also welcome new ideas in our organization. If you have a blueprint, then we ensure you to build that idea in a vibrant office. Our prefab structures come with smooth wooden finish walls with allocated space for installing air-conditioners, ventilators, wash basins, kitchenette along with office equipment storage facilities. You can also add a glass front door, premium carpeting, VGC walls, wood sidings and more.

Product Details

Approx. Rs 1,100 / Square Feet

Product Details :

Minimum Order Quantity

1 Square Feet

Door Height

6-8 ft

Surface Finish

Color Coated


Easily Assembled

Built Type




We are instrumental in offering a comprehensive range of Portable Home Container.

Modify Space Allocation

Availing a portable office carries a lot of benefit over a traditional building. Not only it offers liberty to discover a varied of locations, but also allow you to customize your office as per your necessity. Our portable offices deliver excellent flexibility for adding and removing spaces inside your Prefabricated Office. Our foldable structures are easily assembled, allowing you to remove a wall for adding more office space, without demolish them. Likewise, if you need additional space just add a wall to build additional space.

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Weather Resistance

Traveling different indeed brings a lot of productivity to the business but it also invites some complications as well. However, at SAMAN POS India Pvt Ltd, we have taken care of all those issues beforehand. Our Prefabricated Office possesses the ability to withstand the harsh & uncertain climate. Our premium quality ACP materials and robust manufacturing process fortify our products to endure summer, heavy rainfall, hailstorms, cyclones, floods, and earthquakes. Complying with the International Standard of Safety, we deliver you a product that offers protection against electrocution and fire.



Every new place draws new customers to your office front door. It’s an occasion which can’t be enjoyed staying within a brick and mortar wall. You may find investing in a movable office as a risky investment but it's worthy of all your investment. Expanding your business in different part of the city requires a significant amount of money and time which involves buying office space, construction cost, cost of raw materials, along with a myriad of legal procedures. However, with our Prefabricated Office, you don’t have to follow these complex procedures. You can travel any part of the country and offer your services while improving your brand value simultaneously. As our prefab products come manufactured directly from the site, you don’t need to invest in any form of construction process nor have to hire any labors for onsite work.

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Environmental Friendly


Developing a traditional structure not only disrupts your neighbors but also the ecosystem of the environment. Onsite construction works invite a tremendous amount of air pollution, water pollution, land pollution, and noise pollution. It also disrupts the natural ecosystem of the environment by releasing harmful gases, debris, and bags of dust. Therefore, at SAMAN POS India Pvt Ltd we have adopted a green initiative by dealing with eco-friendly products made with extremely safety guidelines. As we delivered products comes with a pre-manufactured condition, it doesn’t require any land prep or onsite work. All you have to do is assemble them and you are all ready to start your journey.

Maintenance is Easy


Our prefab goods consist of highly durable core materials and fine interiors which goes for a long time without any sign of wear & tear. When you have to pay a hefty sum for maintaining traditional structures, at SAMAN POS India Pvt Ltd you can enjoy the exclusivity of a sophisticated, impact resistance and classy office without bleeding through your wallet.

Faster Service


Building a traditional brick & mortar office requires months to become fully operable. When it comes to business; first comers always have the prime hand in the market. We can offer you a full-fledged movable office within a span of a couple of weeks, enabling you to set up your business early and staying ahead of your competitors. Why wait for months and waste money on unnecessary expenditure, when you can get a better deal at a far lower price and faster turnaround time.

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Our Mobile Offices Offer Wings to Your Business

Stay ahead in the market and gain customer awareness by traveling all explored market space with our Mobile Offices.


Our quality of work at SAMAN POS India Pvt Ltd offers durability and uncompromised quality within your budget.

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We treat our customers as our greatest asset. Therefore, we follow an upfront pricing system and doesn’t make our customers feel cheated by charging them hidden costs while billing.


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