Key features of porta cabin and container office

Porta cabins and container offices are becoming increasingly popular for project setups. They offer a variety of key features that make them ideal for this purpose. They are quick and easy to set up, and can be quickly dismantled and moved to another location if necessary. They are also very sturdy and secure, making them ideal for storing expensive equipment or sensitive materials. They can also be easily customized to meet the specific needs of a project.

Superior-Quality Products and Easy Installation

Get the most organized means of living constructed with us with the most superior quality of the material. Make your decoration sleek and storage unnoticeable. Travel with your home and your comfort everywhere without compromising with your convenience and resources. Moreover, we haven’t your struggles while installing services, and hence, made all the arrangements to make it easy for you.

Cheapest Container homes in India

Reduce your residential space to fit into any space, lead subtle, sleek, and ready-to-move living with our portable residential space at the most affordable prices within India. Along with it, we provide you prefabricated cabins, bunkhouses, security houses and toilets for you to let you enjoy the remnant of space

Custom-built portable solutions for Offices

You need not worry about affording commercial buildings, for we provide amazing portable constructs for offices with high-quality materials. Besides that, you can keep your business secure by offering our compact security house for security services. Our services include a massive collection of amazing set-ups such as offices, Bunk Houses, etc.

Reliable constructs at your doorsteps

Our service, built on amazing quality, promises to last over a long period, and we assure our services would serve you with the least maintenance cost, which would definitely let you live an affordable life within our cabins. Moreover, you can expect the least prices in maintaining hygiene.

The SAMAN Difference

We are the best in the industry because we offer easy installation services, superior quality
materials, and products that are built to last. We run a thorough quality check on all our
materials and architectural designs by a team of specialists. We source our raw materials from
ethical and reliable vendors. Sustainability and environmental longevity are important to us. We make sure to responsibly source our materials, and all our products meet safety requirements and regulations. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we work with you to make sure that you get the result that you are looking for. Our professional team is here to help you with anything you might need. Have questions? Call us today to speak with a specialist.


We use top-quality materials for our products. We conduct comprehensive quality checks to ensure 0% defects in manufacturing process & total safety for our staffs.

Our Products are 92% cost-effective. By coordinating with wholesale-price vendors doing a partnership with institutions and craftsmen we ensure optimum cost-effectiveness.

We are passionately delivering highly innovative spacing solutions. We are researching and analyzing the unique solutions for the cheapest container homes in India.

We cater to your requirements with our customized fully furnished cabins that are easily transportable. We have personalized porta cabins with customization options.

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Use of portable security cabins

As the matter of the fact, the portable security cabins is the ultimate goal of this blog in which I have tried to explain the information pertaining to the security cabins and the features of the portable buildings. You can find the wide range of the companies, firms and the manufacturer that has potential and the much-needed capacity to manufacture the portable security cabin. It has been able to particularly design to fulfill the needs.

You can come across the many manufacturers who have the capacity to offer the office security cabin, fabricated cabin, the portable security cabin and the most importantly, the prefabricated security cabin and so on and forth. There can be the many benefits and the advantages of the portable security cabins that can make it the perfect building for the security related personnel.

Discover the best design office

Feel free to contact our experts for advice on cabins, houses or any other Structures.

Budget-Friendly Services

Whether you have a company with 10 employees or one with 100 employees, we can cater to your needs with our customized and fully-furnished cabins. We have a variety of time-saving services or we can build personalized portable cabins exactly as per your requirements. We have partnered with various other prestigious organizations that are craftsmen at what they do. These partnerships are cost-effective and make for a quick turnaround.

Portable Cabins

There are many uses for "porta cabins." They can be used as storage areas, mobile shops, changing rooms, or even as housing. They are less time consuming to be constructed and can be moved around quite easily.
Many people use portable cabins as an office or living space. The initial build and upkeep cost much less than traditional homes, without compromising the value of your property. We provide the cheapest container homes in India. Our portable cabins are affordable and also available in a variety of shapes and sizes. With so many customizable options, the possibilities are endless. A portable cabin can be used for almost anything.

Container Homes

It's become increasingly popular to downsize and live a more minimalist lifestyle. Container homes are easier to clean, repair, and more energy-efficient. Originally, old shipping containers were turned into livable spaces because they were cheap and convenient. We have taken the concept and upgraded the design execution. As a result, we make beautiful, environmentally friendly, and durable container homes. Our portable houses are just that... portable! They go wherever you go, so it's possible to move your entire home for a fraction of the cost of buying a new house. We are the masters of making tiny spaces feel bigger than they actually are. You'd be surprised by what we can fit into such a small space. Our carpenters can craft cabinets, drawers, and other storage solutions to make sure that all of your belongings have their own secure locations. More and more families are trading in their houses for the tiny home of their dreams.

Call Us at 080-468-09920 to Get Started

Portable Toilets

Worksites, large events, and public areas all have a common need for portable toilets. The biggest advantage of having a mobile toilet is that you can transport them to wherever there is a need for them, saving you time and money. We build all of our portable toilets to be safe, comfortable, and reliable. Our portable toilets are prefabricated and easy to order to any worksite. They are more sanitary/hygienic than a traditional porta-potty, and they are much more durable. Our portable toilets can be hooked up to a functioning plumbing system and can much longer than traditional porta-potties. You no longer have to rent a piece of plastic that needs to be picked up every so often for sewage removal.

Unique Office Spaces

It's becoming more and more common these days to work from home. Most houses aren't built with a home office in mind, so we decided to construct an affordable solution. Container offices are the most cost-effective way to work from home in a stylish and inspiring space. They offer a dynamic business environment and a versatile space. Research shows that you are way more productive when you have a dedicated workspace that is separate from where you eat, sleep, and relax. Our custom-built container offices are the perfect solution for all your home business needs. These offices are great for freelancers, small businesses, and remote workers.

Travel-Friendly Products

We build prefab structures that are easy to fold and can easily be loaded into trucks. They also consume less space and make it less costly to transport. Organizations involved in construction or mining have to travel quite often. They can't construct portable offices or any prefab structure in a timely manner. Old traditional brick buildings can cost a lot and be a hassle to get rid of after the project is finished. Our pre-built units have revolutionized the industry by providing a quick and affordable solution to the problem. No more waiting forever for the building to be constructed because the portable ones get delivered directly to the job site in a matter of days. It's simple and easy to order our prefab structures, and we will deliver them right away.

Safe Construction

Our construction sites don't involve handling heavy machinery, complex technologies, or dangerous heights. Unlike the big manufacturing companies where there is a high risk of injury everyday, we've minimized risk of injury at SAMAN. We follow strict, legally compliant safety regulations and take all necessary precautions at our construction sites. Portable buildings have a different set of legal compliances that they must adhere to, and we make sure that all of our buildings meet these safety standards.

Assisting the Society amid Coronavirus

Remain shielded and instructed by our comfort led proceedings and beyond.

Meet Our Experts

Our team is an integral part and family member of SAMAN POS India Private Limited. They all having excellency and expertise in thier respective. We as a great team working and bringing innovations and cost effective techniques to reduce the cost of a project. We always focus on customer satisfactions and adding some values to the projects as the most reliable partner. Here are some briefs about our experts

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Monazir Alam


He is Director of SAMAN POS India Private Limited. He had started his career as Director of SAMAN under supervision of his big brother Manzar Alam, When he was in 4th Semester of the Civil Engineering.

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Mugis Alam

Production Manager

He is very hard working. He has done SAP MM. He has a good expriance about product manufacturing process. He has done Aalim course qual to 10+2 from Bihar Madarsa Board. HE is good in his role assigned by us

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Farhan A K

Ahmedabad Branch Manager

He is Ahmedabad Branch Manager, graduateed from Jamia Millia Islamia New Delhi in 2018, he started his career in international BPO company and later joined SAMAN POS India Private Limiteda leading manufacturer company

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Soniya Afsa

Cost Estimations Manager

She is very active an quick learner. She has almost two years as admin in PR domain. She is innovative and she has excellent analytical skill. She takes care of cost estimation. She makes 100% efforts to perform her role.

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Assistant Manager

She is good learner, confident and very hard-working girl. She is very active and punctual to perform her role honestly. She takes care of finance of SAMAN POS India Pvt Ltd. She takes ownership in initiating the task.

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Inamura Rahman

Chief Finance Officer

Highly qualified and seasoned senior finance professional with over 15 years' multi-sector experience (including Retail Banking, Investment Banking, Asset Management, Private Equity, Fund Management, Retail).

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Tabib Alam

Quality Manager

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectuteret adipiscing elit. Vestibulum egetvel lactux pretium runcus is equys Vestibulum egetvel lactux pretium runcus is equys.

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Intekhab Alam

Manager Kolkata Branch

He is Kolkata Branch Manager, graduated from  Delhi University in 2013, he started his career in international BPO company and worked in several Companies like IQPC India, Outsour ACE and Aegis ltd as Market Researcher. He is very honest with the duties.

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Maruthish K V

Structural & planning Manager

“He is ambitious and driven. He thrives on challenge and constantly set goals for himself, passionate and very proactive about the task assigned to him. He always ready to accept new challenges comes across. He is hard-working as he believes "No Pain, No Gain".

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Sarwar Kamal

Pune Branch Manager

He has five years experience in industry Graduated from JMI New Delhi worked for Al Fakhera in KSA. He joins SAMAN POS India as one of the key members and he takes care all duties & responsibility of Pune Branch as a head.

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Low Cost Guarantee

We work with vendors who offer us wholesale prices for all of the materials that we use. These deeply discounted prices are how we pass the savings along to you. Traditional buildings can be under construction for a year or two before they are ready to be lived in. Portable housing does not take long to be built and is move-in-ready in a matter of days. This saves time, energy, and money for both us and you. We carry out our construction on our off-site location so you do not need to worry about the noise or mess. We deliver a quality product and service straight to your home. Best of all? You don’t need to visit the site or do anything else in the construction process. We do it all for you.


Our bunkhouses can be used as temporary housing for a large number of workers. Our variety of buildings can fit any size workforce and can be assembled very easily. Portable bunkhouses provide workers with sleeping space and personal storage. Bunkhouses are lightweight and can be easily transported anywhere you want. They fit perfectly in smaller locations and are durable enough to withstand bad conditions. We take special care to adapt according to the environment where these products are going to be used so that these container homes blend in with the environment.

Security Cabins

If you need to install a security booth at your site or are looking for a portable guard room for your property, we have the best solution. Our security cabins are fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology. We build in desks for paperwork, shelves to store security monitors, and windows for identification collection. We have made sure to include all the basic features that any standard security booth will need. These portable cabins can be used in factories, manufacturing sites, warehouses, educational institutions, complexes, onsite offices, etc.

Prefab Buildings

Also known as portable site offices, prefab site offices are designed to be used multiple times and to be transported to different locations when required. They are eco-friendly and reusable. Prefab offices cut out all unnecessary excess space. They are more compact and can fulfill all the requirements of any regular office. They have everything that you need to run your business well. Unlike the conventional buildings which take forever to be built, these are cost-effective and far less time-consuming comparatively. They are well suited for multipurpose usage and can be installed or reinstalled very easily. These are flexible in size and a great business solution.

Hear It
From Our Clients
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How It Works

If you can dream it, we can build it. Our specialized team of experts will analyze your needs, and then come up with a functional and aesthetic design. We'll send you a copy of our initial design concept and give you a rough estimate of the project. Once you have approved, we will move forward with our building process. We build everything at our construction site and then deliver the finished product to you.

Designed For Luxury

We pay attention to even the smallest of details on our products. When you choose to build with us, we ensure you receive a finished product that is best in class. Our designs are simple yet elegant. We design these spaces in such a way that they have a luxurious feel, fine finish, and are comfortable to live in. We pick materials and colors that work together to give our buildings a modern feel. We use built-in windows that are airy and are uniquely designed to meet inspection requirements. Not all container units are eyesores. Our designers have put a lot of thought into making compact living into a luxury.

Built To Last

Traditional buildings aren't indestructible and will deteriorate over time like any other man-made object. Building owners and homeowners can be hit with expensive repair and upkeep costs, and often sweep the issue under the rug until it grows serious. This can lead to unsafe living environments for unsuspecting renters and new buyers. Our container buildings are made to last through all weather conditions and are much easier to repair/replace when the time comes.


We make sure that our designs are environment-friendly and nontoxic in all aspects. We have built a strong market presence and established a reputation that everybody speaks highly of. Made possible by the responsible practices that we have adopted. The raw materials we use are tested by a team of specialists and the construction is supervised by construction officials. None of our products miss a quality check before they are dropped off to our valuable customers. All these checks ensure that our products have the smallest carbon footprint possible.


We understand what goes into making an optimal work environment. Our spaces are built to be comfortable, keeping in mind the basic needs. It's a one-time investment that will help get your business off the ground. Our products are thermally insulated for reduced indoor temperature fluctuations. As per requirement, they can be relocated and also expanded very easily. Most of our products are equipped with modern facilities for your convenience. We manufacture our buildings at our sites and then deliver them to you as soon as possible. You won’t be responsible for paying any costs associated with on-site expenses. It also ensures that you do not have to face any inconveniences that are common on construction sites. We deal with single cabins, large offices, hotels and many more. You do not need hundreds of thousands of dollars to get started because we are very budget-friendly and care about your business.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide excellent quality products, which satisfy every need of our clients adequately and serve them well.

Our Mission

Our mission is to work hard to take care of whatever our clients want now and in the future and prosper doing so.

Our Client

Our aim is to keep thriving tirelessly to reach the core of the satisfaction of our clients with our amazing services.

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