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Security Cabin

Security Cabins / Steel Security Cabin In Bengaluru

We at SAMAN offer a wide range of super quality portable guard cabin. It's one stop solutions for your security related requirements

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Get Your Security Cabin Delivered in Just 5 Days

SAMAN's range of super quality portable guard cabin is designed to meet all the security related requirements. We assure quality and also offer customization according to your requirement.

SAMAN is a leading manufacturer of portable guard cabin and armored vehicles in the industry. With the use of state-of- the-art manufacturing facilities and advanced technologies, SAMAN has earned its reputation as one of the leading manufacturers of mobile security cabins and armored vaults.

Need a secure cabins, SAMAN provides you with the most cost-effective and secure cabins in Bangalore. SAMAN offers a wide range of super quality portable guard cabin. It's one stop solutions for your security related requirements and we provide all onsite services such as transportation, installation and even take care of the maintenance for you.

Portable guard cabin from SAMAN is your best choice. We offer super quality portable security cabin that are widely used for security related requirements in various industries and markets.

To our customers we provide

  • We always give the best service after the installation of the security cabins
  • We always value the feedback of our clients.
  • We provide the best quality material in this business.
  • No one can be quicker in installation after order.
  • Always ready to discuss the changes as per the requirements.
  • Durable, reliable, and secured structure
  • Always ready to listen to clients if they problems with the service.

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Product Features


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Minimum Order Quantity24 Square feet
Door Height6 - 8 ft
Surface FinishColor coated
FeatureEasily Assembled
Build TypeModular
MatarialAlmunium & Upvc


Bangalore India
Call: 08046809920 95% response rate

About Security cabins

Security Cabin Comes with a great number of features, one of the best features is that it is very easy to set up and they are quite affordable. SAMAN offers best price of portable security cabins in Bangalore. Its easily transportable to the project site on time.

We offer best price of security cabin to the clients. Our security cabin offers huge space and easy to install. Its portable and easily transportable to any place of project site. Get connected with our agent to know more about portable guard cabins like price. Our expert will get back to you with quick solutions within a day

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Innovative and cost effective

SAMAN always uses innovative and cost effective method of manufacturing a portable security cabin, which are competitive in quality value and affordable for our customers.

In order to combat the problem of poor lighting and frequent vandalism at night, SAMAN is always implementing cost effective method of manufacturing a portable security cabin. We also offer customer friendly services such as installation and re-installation of the security cabin in their place. The cost-effective method will be used to manufacture portable security cabin.

Get Your Security Cabin Delivered in Just 2 Days

Our security cabin is easily transportable from our factory to the project site on time. SAMAN offers best price of portable security cabins in Bangalore.


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No compromise on quality of security cabins

SAMAN provides you with a range of high quality and fully equipped security cabins that ensure maximum safety and security. Our portable security cabins are easily transportable to the project site, can be used on many different projects located in residential areas and offices parks etc.


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Features of a High-Quality Security Cabin

Being acquainted with the security and plumbers equipment suppliers is something needed these days. After all, these are the people you are going to work with when you have to get a portable security on line or maybe something just a little bit different. The following information has been compiled as a guide for buyers and sellers of security gear to make their experience as easy and simple as possible.

Finding the right product supplier is crucial. It’s important to get yourself acquainted with suppliers that provide high-quality products for instance, those who offer great services such as payment options and professional packaging. Also, be sure to find a reliable supplier to deliver what you really need in the shortest possible time since emergencies always come up at the last minute!

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Use of Security Cabin

When you are looking for the best security cabin suppliers and manufacturers, you will be glad to know that our security cabins provide a wide variety of benefits that you would get from the best in the industry.

Whether you are a first time buyer or already have some information about your purchase, here are some of the most important points you need to know before you buy a security cabin: Budget You need to set up a budget before purchasing a product. You might have plans of installing this in your house but it might not be possible with your budget available. If you want to install it on your property make sure that there is enough space for it.

Security cabins are built to meet the needs of all of your security needs. They are there for you in case of natural disasters, fire, or other incidents that may happen at your home. They provide safety and security for your family.

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Some additional features and usages of portable security cabin by SAMAN

Key features

  • Security cabin provides a friendly and comfortable environment to guests, providing them with comfortable sleeping area. Additionally, it is durable, robust and cost effective
  • The Security Cabin keeps your family warm, safe and protected in their own space. It's durable, robust and cost effective.
  • Security Cabin is perfect solution for any outside security needs. It is durable, rigid and cost effective. It has anti-leakage valve that makes it easy to install by compressed air.
  • Security cabin is a new form of modern home, it is friendly and ergonomic use, Durable, robust and cost effective
  • The Security cabin is a durable, cost effective and friendly use. It is suitable for any indoor or outdoor use. The unique design ensures easy access to the kennel and spacious area inside the cage.

Key benefits

  • Security cabin is friendly, safe and durable. It is cost effective.
  • Security Cabin is a friendly, durable and cost effective security cabin. It is designed to protect any type of files or valuable documents in transit while traveling.
  • Security cabin is a friendly use, durable, robust and cost effective accessory. It is great for protecting your pet from the cold weather or any other uncomfortable situation in their life.
  • The security cabin is a durable, robust, and cost effective solution for a range of uses. The high strength of our design ensures it can withstand the abuse of many years of daily use.
  • Security Cabin is suitable for residential and commercial uses, designed to give maximum protection. Rugged design with steel reinforced corners, these shelters will be the last thing you want to break before you get home.


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