Peb manufacturer in Bangalore | Supplier of pre-engineering buildings

Peb manufacturer in Bangalore | Supplier of pre-engineering buildings

PEB Manufacturer and Pre-engineering buildings in India

We are one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of pre-engineering buildings in Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

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SAMAN is one stop solution in Pre-engineering buildings, and best peb company

We are the best and most prominent peb manufacturer in India. SAMAN PEB is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of pre-engineering buildings. We have the most advanced and modern steel structure design in the industry.

As one of the largest and fastest growing companies in India, SAMAN PEB provides a complete range of pre-engineering building solutions. In Bangalore, Karnataka, India, we are engaged in the construction of industrial buildings and steel buildings. We are manufacturers of (PEB) Pre-engineered Buildings, PEB Steel Structure, Pre-engineered Steel Building, Steel Construction PEB Plant, Roofing, Cladding, and  Ceiling for Industrial and Commercial sectors with over 10+ years of experience in providing its customers with the highest industry standards of quality consistency, peak performance, energy efficiency, and design flexibility from its (PEB) Prefabricated Structures.

An assembly of various components of a structure can be referred to as prefabricated construction. All construction is performed off-site and then transported to the site safe for installation.

To our customers we provide

  • We always give the best service after the installation of products.
  • We always value the feedback of our clients.
  • We provide the best quality material in this business.
  • No one can be quicker in installation after order.
  • Always ready to discuss the changes as per the requirements.
  • Durable, reliable, and secured structure
  • Always ready to listen to clients if they problems with the service.

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Minimum Order Quantity 24 Square feet
Door Height 6 - 8 ft
Surface Finish Color coated
Feature Easily Assembled
Build Type Modular
Matarial Almunium & Upvc


Bangalore India
Call: 08046809920
95% response rate

SAMAN is an emerging manufacturer of pebs

Our mission is to provide our client what they need for industrial set-up!.

Pre Engineering Buildings (PEB) producers the construction industry is anticipated to witness faster growth. We are pioneer & industry leader of manufacturer and supplier of Quality Pre-Engineered Building industry in Bangalore Karnataka, Pune, Maharashtra, Ahmedabad, Gujarat all our pan India and Global. We provide the best Quality work that meets your expectations.

portable bunkhouse
pre-engineering buildings

This is a great yardstick to make a well-informed decision. Approaching and hiring an experienced prefab structure supplier in India, will help you a huge deal before, during and after the project. Ask them for their previous projects and about the experience of their team of designers, engineers and quality assurance experts. Established firms such as SAMAN have experienced prefab manufacturing and designing staff which comes in quite handy.

Accomplished prefabricated structure manufacturing firms always focus on the quality aspect. They have an in-house team of quality assurance experts that ensures you get a high quality end product.

Logistics and installation

Will your prefab structure supplier take care of the logistics part on your behalf and help you with the installation bit as well? This is a crucial question to ask while creating a list of prefab structure suppliers in India. SAMAN PEB not only takes care of the logistics part, but also ensures that your product reaches you in intact condition and the installation team helps erect it for you in the best manner.

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Customer service and post sales service

Customer service and post sales service is another key factor while choosing a prefab structure manufacturer. Choose a supplier with an in-house customer service team. They must be able to address your technical concerns as and when the need arises. Besides, routine maintenance must be provided by them. Make sure to clarify all these aspects before partnering with a prefabricated structure manufacturer.

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SAMAN is best PEB Manufacturer

Pre Engineered Building are custom made to suit a wide range of application in different industry sectors. It largely depends upon the requirement of the customers. We are India's No.1 Pre-Engineered Building Manufacturers. These metal buildings are different from conventional buildings in ways like speed in delivery and erection, flexibility in expansion and withstand severe weather conditions.

We are a one stop solution provider for all your structural needs and have products ranging from Porta cabins, Canopies, Mezzanine Floors, Stairs, etc. Having an experience of over two decades in this industry we expertise in doing any kind of urbane jobs. We truly comply with all the ISI specifications while designing and manufacturing all our structures which ensure all-out safety and are quite economical as well, as we incorporate quality raw materials and sheets in their making. We also provide our service in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Pune,Maharashtra, Chennai, Tamilnadu.

pre-engineering buildings
pre-engineering buildings

Over the last few decades pre-engineered steel and metal buildings have become quite popular in the construction industry due to its flexibility, durability and adaptability over. These factors have made steel one of the most sought after materials for building construction.

Our customer has large choice for sheet material which can suit their budget as well as requirement such as pre-coated sheets, Sandwich Panel GI sheets, Fiber sheets, and Ac sheets. In the pre-engineered building systems one has the flexibility to accomplish indefinite array of building configurations, custom designs, requirements and applications. Factory sheds, warehouses, green houses, community halls and canopy etc., are some of the ways where the PEB systems can be applied.

We are a leading manufacturer of Prefabricated Steel Structures and a Prefab Buildings Exporter in India. Our product range also comprises of Prefabricated Steel Structures,

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Tips to Choose the Right PEB Manufacturer & Supplier

Prefabricated buildings are considered a financially viable option in the global market. Needless to say, the increasing demand of prefabricated buildings has also given a rise to the demand of PEB structure manufacturers.

There are a number of prefabricated structure suppliers in India, and if you are looking to get quality PEB manufacturing work done, you got to choose the best prefab structure manufacturer. If you are wondering how to choose the right pre-engineered building structure supplier & exporter this post can help you as a starting point. So, read on:



  • Competitively priced
  • Quality and innovation assurance
  • Provision for easy future expansion
  • Fastest delivery time & speedy erection
  • Transported in knock down condition
  • Low maintenance cost
  • No welding facility required at site
  • Re-locatable and re-workable
  • Attractive modern appearance
  • Insulated to suit various weather conditions
  • Ability to withstand seismic forces





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