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Porta Cabins

Porta cabins

Our porta cabins are predominant in quality and proper for long moves. They are appropriate for multipurpose use and can be introduced or re-installed without any problem. These are adaptable in sizes or more all moderate to nearly everybody.

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With various years on our experience in the field of fabrication and Peb, SAMAN POS Pvt Ltd is an ideal stop for you to have extreme answers for all the space needs. Regardless of what industry you are in; training, human services, improvement, business, or anything, our group of experienced and proficient laborers who have had some expertise in the field of creation will do it just for you. Our laborers can do everything due to our capable administration who direct and oversee them with their experience and aptitude. We are one of the main providers in the business in India with an excellent scope of modified administrations that we give.

What makes us best in the business is our simple establishment administrations, unrivaled quality, and longer existence of items that we offer. Likewise, the cost that can be contrasted and thus determined not to be over the top expensive is an uncommon part of us. We utilize the best and solid hot spots for our crude materials of the quality that is tried and guaranteed by the experts. Our thought process is to give a final result that is of premium quality and extreme plan with long help life. We accomplish this target by utilizing the top tier material and holding fast to the most exceptional quality measures

Flexibility of porta cabin

  • Versatile Cabins are a consolidated answer for your private just as business spaces.
  • You can utilize them as a venture site office, stockpiling units, gathering staff convenience, emergency clinics or clubhouses, and so forth. As the time is changing, so is the business prerequisites.
  • Presently, you need a unique business condition with flexible space. For this, individuals and organizations have embraced compact workplaces.

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Product Features

Porta cabin specifications

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Minimum Order Quantity 24 Square feet
Door Height 6 - 8 ft
Surface Finish Color coated
Feature Easily Assembled
Build Type Modular
Matarial Almunium & Upvc


Bangalore India
Call: 08046809920
95% response rate

Porta cabins are cost effective

Otherwise called versatile site workplaces regardless of the way that they are enormous and fitted out, Porta cabins are intended to utilized on different occasions and to be moved to various areas at whatever point required. It tends to be reused and that is the thing that makes it eco-accommodating also.

The size that you require for your office site, they are accessible however that doesn't imply that they would not satisfy the prerequisites of any normal office. They have everything that you have to maintain your business well. Dissimilar to the traditional structures which take everlastingly to be fabricated, these are savvy just as tedious.

Prefab site workplaces
Portable latrine

Portable latrine

With our immense experience, we offer a wide assortment of versatile latrines lodge. We utilize all the incomparable quality materials as for the predefined business rules. Versatile latrines are impeccable on the grounds that they needn't bother with high support, they have a conservative size and superior wrapped up.

They are immaculate to be utilized in business places. They are accessible in numerous sizes as indicated by what customers need. We center around giving compelling answers for true issues. The versatile latrines fabricated by us are useful and helpful being used. They additionally have a particular and alluring look. The entirety of the highlights referenced above is unquestionably an advantage over the conventional spaces.

Porta cabin

Financial plan benevolent administrations

We offer types of assistance as our customers request and require. We work with an underlying thought process of customer fulfillment and that is our definitive objective. Regardless of what size of association you have, we have administrations for you and we will manufacture compact lodges precisely according to your prerequisites. Regardless of whether you are an organization with 10 workers or one with 100 representatives, we can oblige your necessities very well with our all-around redid and outfitted lodges. We have collaborated with different associations that are immaculate with what they do and lofty too. These organizations have ended up being profitable and extremely helpful to us.

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Best Designs Porta Cabin In Bangalore

Porta Cabin - The Most Convenient Products

We brag of dealing with little subtleties of our items. At the point when you pick an item from us, we guarantee you get an item that is top tier. Our plans are straightforward yet rich. You may believe that in light of the fact that these are compartment homes or office lodge, they will be awkward however despite what might be expected, we structure these spaces so that they have a sumptuous vibe, fine completion, and are agreeable to live in. They have worked in windows and are breezy and are interestingly intended to meet the customer's prerequisites. Our methodology makes them look extravagant and give them a rich vibe.

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Minimal effort & Best Results

We don't cost you extra for anything and fabricate everything with a thought about and most effective cost of all that we use. We think about the crude materials that we use, equipment, apparatus or some other costs identified with the administration and attempt to make it cost as low as could be expected under the circumstances however with no trade-off with the quality.

We are not some little scope association attempting to get into the business yet we realize how to lead it. It is very hard for the amateurs or freshers in the business to scale or look at the costs of all that they use. Likewise, customary homes don't generally leave any extent of sparing expenses however with versatile homes, it is simple and advantageous. You can without much of a stretch vehicle them anyplace you need also.

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Porta cabin manufacturing is possible even in remote area

We don't fabricate the items where we have to convey. We make them at our locales and afterward convey them to you as quickly as time permits. In this way, you won't be answerable for paying any expenses for the on-location costs. It additionally guarantees that you don't need to confront any burdens that are basic on building destinations.

It will never take excessively long for us to take into account your necessities according to your prerequisites as we are exceptionally accessible and effectively open. We manage single lodges, huge workplaces, inns, and some more. You don't generally require a pocket brimming with cash to get our administrations since we are very spending plan well disposed and care about your cash. You will never be approached to spend on anything superfluously. We are very flexible and try to save project cost because sometimes, we do manufacturing of porta cabin at client location since it has very flexiblity.

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We manufacture such prefab structures that are anything but difficult to overlay which implies you can without much of a stretch burden them into trucks that additionally expend less space and make it financially savvy for us too. Associations engaged with development or mining need to travel regularly and it is incomprehensible for them to build versatile workplaces or any prefab structure into a conventional way. Developing an old and conventional block building can cost a great deal however on the off chance that you favor prefab structure, you can stop that stage as of now. Additionally, you don't have to hang tight for the structure always to be built on the grounds that the compact ones get conveyed to you actually soon. It is similarly as simple as gathering the materials and begin constructing the pre-made structures immediately.

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Safe developmen

Not at all like the large assembling organizations where heaps of lives are lost each day while taking care of substantial hardware, complex innovations, or Labor work, this industry is protected in this term. Why? Since entering the business, you should follow a legitimately agreeable security strategy during any assembling methodology. In spite of the fact that living in a convenient home or lodge is as sheltered as the customary ones, however not at all like them, compact ones need to cling to the lawful compliances. Here, no tolerance is allowed like conventional structures where the more regrettable climatic conditions can make them fall genuine simple and cause lost lives. Be that as it may, we have to guarantee the nature of the structures that is trustworthy enough for individuals to live or remain there in any event, for quite a while.

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Transform best and creative design porta cabin with SAMAN POS India Pvt Ltd

Not at all like the conventional structures that are done for a year or two to be justified, despite all the trouble to be lived in, the convenient one doesn't take long to be assembled. We steal each work on our away site area so you don't have to problem with anything other than simply be guaranteed of the quality and administration we will convey directly to your home. You don't have to visit the site

All our products consist of luscious wood materials, which gives it an elegant appearance. The smooth colour coated finish offers vibrancy and delivers you an exact feeling of office culture

Porta cabins are specially designed buildings built for movable purposes contrary to permanent buildings which are built for permanent establishments. Office cabins are mostly constructed by organizations where the absence of raw materials is prominent and creating a permanent structure would require a lot of costs.


As the name suggests, porta cabins offer the independence of choosing a wide range of designs, coloors and shapes to the builder. As coming with various shapes and sizes, a user will have the opportunity to build a stay without paying any significant labour charges.

Key benefits

Speedy Construction

Comparing to a permanent structure, making a portable cabin saves more than 30 to 70 % of the time of the user. Organizations can profoundly benefit from this as they would have more time focus on main goal of the projects. Moreover, users can easily deconstruct their temporary stay and transport them to a new location, once their purpose is fulfilled.

Premium Quality

The portable cabins offer the same safety and functionality as a permanent structure. The porta cabins at SAMAN are built in a controlled environment comprising top quality materials, providing a temporary stay anywhere you want. Our products are built complying with all the building codes and maintaining a lower carbon footprint for a eco-friendly approach.

Low cost & fast in constructions

The cost of constructing a permanent building is significantly higher compared with a pre-built portable structure. Since we purchase all our construction materials in bulk, it helps us to reduce the cost price tremendously and enables you to buy our end products at a cheaper budget. Besides, the necessity of hiring a crew of on-site workers is also reduced as manufacturing portable cabins require less labour cost. Most importantly, the efficiency of our workers, combining with our state-of-the-art technology, keeps the construction cost lower along with increasing the return of investment in the long run.

With SAMAN you can

  • Easly create, save and share custom culculations
  • Quikly produce code complaint design
  • Enhance quality assurance
  • Improve finishing

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