Portable Cabin

Portable Cabin

Live anywhere and settle nowhere, get a portable-cabin

People have the urge to travel, and they can't settle. People always move from one place to another. Get one of our attractive, cheap, and quality portable cabins and take your home with you.

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People don't want to settle in a single place, and they want to travel and see the world. Our portable cabins are affordable, strong, and attractive solution to this problem, imagine traveling along a hillside, where you find a little stream. don't you want to spend some time there just enjoying the beauty of nature? You can do that if you carry your portable cabin whenever you go to explore nature. Our portable cabins are lightweight, strong, and well designed for all your needs

We are experts in utilizing small spaces up to their full extent. We can easily design a portable cabin, which satisfies your need. Our portable cabins are strong, lightweight, and comfortable. We always fit a small kitchen, a bed, and a small living area in our portable, so that you can feel at home.

Many people live in portable cabins when there is some construction going on in their house. They are very comfortable to live in and otherwise used as storage space.

Our full faith customers can have

  • They can have their own lightweight strong and easy to transport cabin
  • They will have a comfortable in their own custom portable cabin.
  • They can check the quality of material used to build their portable cabin
  • They know all the appliances installed in the portable cabin are quality checked
  • They know every faulty piece will change under guarantee period
  • We always work for our client's satisfaction
  • We all ways, take your feedback seriously.

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Product Features

Portable Cabin

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Minimum Order Quantity 24 Square feet
Door Height 6 - 8 ft
Surface Finish Color coated
Feature Easily Assembled
Build Type Modular
Matarial Almunium & Upvc


Bangalore India
Call: 08046809920
95% response rate

About our portable cabins

Our portable cabins can easily be used by anyone who wishes to travel with comfort anywhere they want. Our portable cabins are designed to perpetuate a feeling of comfort and familiarity missing in the wild. They are built strong and lightweight, with every feature a person needs to live well and happy.

All you need to do is contact us and provide all your requirements and ideas for a portable cabin. Our team is well versed in designing a comfortable and modern portable cabin with all the required features. They will build your portable cabin at an affordable price. You just give us the order, and we will deliver at your doorstep.

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Here at Samna, our motto is to work relentlessly and to strive to create the best product available in the market. We are always ready to improve our product so that we never fall back into the competition. We always check the quality of the material used to build our products. We double-check the quality of every appliance installed in our products.

The secret to our success is that we procure the Quality material needed to build your portable cheap, which makes the end product strong and affordable. Our cabins are easy to transport and require very few repairs over time you can easily set them up wherever you want all you need is a flat surface. Our portable cabins can become your home while traveling.

Enjoy the beauty of nature at peace

Don't you think traditional cabins are uncomfortable? We live in the 21st century and still can't take our comfort with us to the wild. Don't lose hope; all you need is one of our modern portable cabins. Enjoy your trips in advance.

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To build a storage unit, buy one

Do you want to use your storage space for a gym, or you want a place to put that piano. You don't need to invest heavily in new construction. All you need is one of our portable cabins, and you have your new storage shed. You can also use it like a cabin where ever you go.

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Positives of our prefabricated portable- cabins

You can have a portable cabin specifically made for you. You just need to get in touch with us, and our designers will carefully take note of all your requirements. They will develop a perfect design for your portable cabin, which will be affordable. They will build a portable cabin, which is comfortable, strong, and has all your requirements. If you wish to install a TV, small fridge, a bunk bed, or a cute table, we will do it. All you need is to be specific about every one of your requirements, and we will build your dream portable cabin house

Here at Samna, we provide comfortable and modern portable cabins for our customers. We always take care of every need of our clients. We strive to maintain a gold standard in every one of our portable cabins. All our portable cabins will have a model kitchen, a living area, a small bead, or a bunk bed. We also install appliances such as minifridge, TV, gas stove and sink, etc. you can come to us, and we will deliver your dream portable cabin at your doorstep.

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Our portable cabins are not your regular cabins, which don't provide any comfort and satisfaction. We created an aesthetic product that is the solution to every problem you face while living in the wilderness. They have every facility you need to live comfortably and in peace. They will come with a built-in power source that you can feel easily.

They will have the most modern entities which you enjoy at your home. You can enjoy exploration using our portable cabins you can easily modify your portable cabin. All you need is to communicate with us freely. You should always be clear about the facilities you want in your portable cabin, and we will create a portable cabin, which is well utilized for its small space. We will deliver a state of the portable art cabin, which will fulfill each one of your wishes. We can also make a multi-floored cabin, which you can use on an outing with your family. We here at saman will cater to every need you have and much more.

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Affordable Portable Cabin solution SAMAN POS India Pvt Ltd.

If you are someone who has the urge to travel, or if you are a businessman looking for low-cost quality cabin rental then our portable cabins are just what you need. We offer cheap and quality cabins in large and small sizes for you to get one of them for your business trips, vacations, or everyday use.

Our range of portable cabins provides you with the best mobile space to meet your business or leisure needs. Working at any place available and anywhere possible is the easiest way to relieve stress, boredom, and tension. So, anytime go anywhere! Our comfortable and spacious cabins are designed to provide the best mobility throughout the moving journey, including a double bed, wardrobe & chest of drawers, small kitchen area, wash basin and dressing table, and other accessories as per your need.

We want to be your companion on your next trip. Take the hassle out of traveling by providing a unique, comfortable, and safe experience with our portable cabins: we can provide overnight stays and conference rooms in a crisis, or provide a memorable destination wedding location at any time of year

Key benefits

Our Porta Cabin is great for people who crave convenience, comfort, and quality. It gives you the ability to move around with your family and enjoy freedom.

Our porta cabin is a new way to travel. With this amazing product, you can travel home or stay at your office venues easily. Get one of our attractive, cheap, and quality portable cabins and take it home with you.

Our Porta Cabin is one of the best options for people who want to move from place to place. With it, you can take your home with you wherever you go.

Our Portable cabins are the best solution for all of your needs. We, at Porta cabin, take pride in offering high-quality portable cabins to our valued customers. All the products that we offer are designed keeping in mind your comfort and convenience. Our product is reasonably priced, easy to move around, easy to install, and long-lasting

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