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container café

container café

SAMAN POS India Pvt Ltd is a prestigious supplier of prefab Container cafe in India and abroad. Our robust growth over the years is the result of the relentless devotion we have presented towards our clienteles. As an organization, we share our respected commitments to our customers and our environment. Hence, we have started our journey acclimating a sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing process.  

Our container cafe offers a low cost and environmental-friendly substitute for brick and mortar infrastructures. In return, you receive a building that comprises the features of a traditional cafe without any compromise in safety, amenities, durability, and outlook. The encroachment of technology and the necessity for availing rapid services considerably contributes to the rising demand for container cafes across the world. We at SAMAN POS India Pvt Ltd are among the rare organization who deals with supplying premium grade prefab structures to leading organizations in India and other parts of the world.

A Place to Serve

Even though several factors come into play while selecting a cafe, the real reason for a customer is always about developing a decent restaurant and café. Our prefab container cafe carries the same aesthetics and benefits of a traditional structure. Our container cafes are manufactured using Industrial grade ACP Materials and enhanced with lavish supporting raw materials. Their customizable features enable you to alter their outlook without any hefty investment. Our container hotels come in various forms, sizes, layouts and spaces, allowing you to select the right one as per your necessity. Whether you want to build a small bistro or a 5-star luxury hotel, we can help you with the right materials without wasting your valuable time.

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High-End Luxury

Luxury plays a crucial part to appeal larger crowds towards your cafe. Everyone like to experience the royalty and a mesmerizing ambiance as soon as they step inside a cafe. At SAMAN POS India Pvt Ltd, our crew of architects and engineers helps you with customizing a container cafe that exhibits the same features as a real cafe. Our modular containers provide interior decorators the independence to use their thoughts. As the container restaurant bear a resemblance to the same as a traditional cafe, you don’t need to employ any high-class interior designers nor pay any broad cost.

Product Details

Approx. Rs 1,100 / Square Feet

Product Details :

Minimum Order Quantity

1 Square Feet

Door Height

6-8 ft

Surface Finish

Color Coated


Easily Assembled

Built Type




We are instrumental in offering a comprehensive range of Portable Home Container.

Safety Always Stays On Top

Most clienteles in India prefer traditional structures due to their safety structures. Whether it’s due to lack of awareness or ongoing myths, but pre-engineered buildings own the muscle to endure the tough Indian weather including natural calamities like flood, earthquake, and tornado. Different to traditional constructions, constructors of prefab containers have to follow a more arduous safety protocol, which makes them extensively safer.

We at SAMAN POS India Pvt Ltd follows a rigorous quality-check procedure during obtaining the raw materials and manufacturing goods. The procedure involved a step-by-step scrutiny of the products via our procuring officers and only those products are offered to our customers which pass the test.

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Budget Friendly

As a foremost supplier of portable buildings in India, we have established an active partnership with all chief raw material providers and manufacturers across India, which qualifies us to acquire quality products at a lower price. As a result, we are capable to provide first-class quality products to our customers at a lower margin than our opponents. Besides, the cost of developing a traditional brick & mortar hotel is ominously higher than mounting a pre-engineered container cafe. Also, if you add the operational cost associated with traditional buildings, you can envision the profound hassle a business has to undergo. Our budget-friendly container cafe provides an equivalent prospect to all clients who want to established their journey in the timeless hospitality segment.

Offsite Manufacturing

With years of familiarity in the field, we assimilated the skills and technology to manufacture high-end pre-engineered buildings at a faster rate without any compromise in quality. Our pre-manufactured container buildings help us to present a cost-effective option for our customers by eradicating the cost linked with traditional structures. Our modular container cafe is easy to install, transportable, lighter in weight and extremely durable. Installing a fully developed cafe requires only a few days while in traditional buildings, it may take up to months & years.

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Lavish Interiors

Our pre-engineered container cafe comes with pre-manufactured structures, which only needs assembling rather than building from scratch. You can propose us your prerequisites and we will manufacture them and have them transported to you within your essential period. We can have them tailored for installing air-conditioning vents, heater, chandelier, etc. Our durable containers come with smooth wooden finish, which gives them a graceful and refined outlook.


It’s not just the structure development that cost your business a fortune, but also the high-maintenance charges you incur on a periodical basis. Our container cafe from SAMAN POS India Pvt Ltd are quite durable and are efficiently engineered to withstand regular wear and tear. Compared to traditional structure, our container hotels are manufactured to retain their natural sheen and goes a long time without any substantial maintenance.

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Our customized pre-engineered container hotels are easier to install and disassemble. You are not required to follow a critical technical, legal and cost-inducing technique that contains in a traditional renovation. You can add or dismantle extra space from the existing structure and modify them as per your needs. This feature of our container cafe comes at a great help during your business expansion phase.

If you are looking for buying a Premium Container cafe, then send us an inquiry through email or give us a call. Our customer care professionals will be happy to assist you and guide you through the process.

Feel free to contact us and get the best quote for your dream hotel.


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