Good-Quality & Robust Prefabricated Industrial Sheds

Without having land or any shed, it is nearly impossible for the manufacturing businesses to operate properly. Hence, we being the reputed prefabricated shed manufacturers, are here to help all our clients effectively at a very reasonable price. Transform the working space of your business in no time with us!

The industrial sheds are low-rise structures with a maximum height of 25-30 meters. They are in high demand these days due to their functional, structural modifications, and safety features, which helps avoid injuries to the worker on the job site. People lately appreciate and desire to have aesthetic installations at their facilities. And not just this, the PEB steel frameworks also promises to meet their needs and budget. The computer-assisted design has made it very easy for us to create designs of prefabricated shelters as per your demand. These factory sheds cover a large area, especially in industries where they are most required. Industrial shed manufacturers tailor the structure of the shed to the needs of the industry.

SAMAN POS Pvt. Ltd. promises to offer their clients a wide range of shed options when choosing the right one for your industry. Based on the area and the type of development, the prefabricated industry sheds are built. Heavy industrial belts need a stronger defined shed, whereas lighter industrial belts may have a standard shed. Whether you need a cookie-cutter shed installed at your site or you are looking for some excellent customizations to make the prefabricated industrial shed more than what it is going to be, we have got you covered with both. SAMAN POS is all set to help its clients in the best way possible.

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  • We always give the best service after the installation of the bunkhouse
  • We always value the feedback of our clients.
  • We provide the best quality material in this business.
  • No one can be quicker in installation after order.
  • Always ready to discuss the changes as per the requirements.
  • Durable, reliable, and secured structure
  • Always ready to listen to clients if they problems with the service.

Technologically Advanced
Prefab Industrial Shed

Because of advancements in structural engineering, the construction industry has reshaped prefabrication and modularization. We use the latest technology and advanced tools for manufacturing the industrial sheds at our factory site at the earliest. With the help of Building Information Technology, we are rendering much more eco-friendly and economical solutions to our customers. This technology aids us in combining both construction and constant advancements for helping the companies and contractors assess the scope of the project. The combination of innovation and engineering allows for the analysis of cost and material variations, resulting in lower construction material costs and less wasted labor hours. Isn't that a great benefit for you?

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Product Features


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Minimum Order Quantity 24 Square feet
Door Height 6 - 8 ft
Surface Finish Color coated
Feature Easily Assembled
Build Type Modular
Matarial Almunium & Upvc


Bangalore India
Call: 08046809920
95% response rate

We all know that businesses often get into losses due to the massive construction services they take up. Hence, we being the best industrial shed manufacturers, are now here at your fingertips to help you financially, as well. With our prefabricated structures, you can now be at ease since you won't end up spending lakhs and lakhs on construction projects. Cost-effectiveness is our goal as a service provider of modular construction. We believe in utilizing every corner of your site by making sure that nothing goes to waste. The prefab shelters are prepared for your company's future development. These sheds are always ready to be extended if you are already manufacturing one product and want to grow your company and produce another product. Just a few more PEB shed tools, and your shed is completed.

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Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Industrial Sheds

The majority of the industries and manufacturing businesses are adding on to global warming. It can be due to the pollutants emitted out in the atmosphere from the industries or the constant noise being released from machinery. Hence, in such difficult times, considering choosing the prefabricated industrial sheds is undoubtedly a great decision. One of the main benefits of using these prefab shelters is that they 100% recyclable and reusable. Aluminum buildings are more environmentally friendly and contain less waste than conventional building materials. The majority of aluminum used in building today might have been previously used for something else. It implies that if your prefabricated shelters have to be demolished in future, they can be recycled instead of ending up in a landfill.

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SAMAN Promises High and Consistent Quality

Quality is our main agenda behind any project. We ensure that the prefabricated buildings are constructed in a regulated manufacturing system and adhere to strict specifications. The structure's components will be of consistent and high quality. Construction site-built frameworks are reliant on the levels of skill of contractors as well as their schedules. All these factors influence the building's overall quality and workmanship. Each sub-assembly is prefabricated under an extensive program in a weather-proof factory, with numerous quality checks performed during the process. To ensure compliance with building codes, certain elements of the building are built using specific machine equipment.

Our promise to all the industry and business owners that the prefabricated building sheds provided by us go through a proper quality check by the experts. It is only then that these are placed at your site for further usage.

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Types of Prefab Industrial Sheds that we provide

Customized Industrial Sheds

Do you deal with one-of-a-kind goods that need special handling? Customized industrial sheds can be created to suit the unique organizational requirements. You might be dealing with goods that require specific pressure and temperature conditions. Refrigeration features, pressure vaults, and other hardware can be added to these modified industrial sheds to help you stay on track at the job site. You can now get the industrial sheds personalized at your convenience.

Regular Factory Sheds

Another very cost-effective way to keep the manufacturing and processing operations seamless is with regular factory sheds. They are sturdy, functional structures that can be built in a variety of shapes and sizes. They're also simple to put together and take apart, allowing them to be the epitome of convenience. Factory sheds are distinguished by their solid structure, good quality, and one-of-a-kind features. These sheds have everything you need, from heavy-duty sheds to multiple power outlets, to make sure that you don't miss a single customer's request.

Hi-tech Industrial Sheds

Hi-tech prefabricated industrial sheds are an excellent option for your company if you're searching for an industrial shed with technology and features. They are constructed with renewable materials and a spacious, durable design for optimum energy efficiency. These are designed to reduce power losses from the building by using better insulated components, resulting in lower electricity bills. As a result, they last longer and are easier to maintain.

Box-Type Industrial Sheds

Metal structures designed for stability, reliability, and corrosion-resistant are known as box-type industrial sheds. They're great for high-volume industrial applications like mining and high-power plants. Box sheds also provide a highly regulated environment in which manufacturing activities can be carried out without interruption of the weather and other environmental conditions outside.

Prefabrication is a new building method that is gaining popularity in every sector of society. There are new concepts and strategies in the construction industry that improve efficiency and reduce costs. Prefabrication, in general, allows for time and cost savings, quality control, and a more environment-friendly construction process.

If you plan to expand or add-on a single or two industrial sheds to your business premises, prefer contacting SAMAN POS in India for help. We can help our client get their hands on the best and exciting deals on the prefabricated shelters for their industries. Contact us now to get the prefabricated industrial shed at your site in no time.

Contact SAMAN POS today for a prefabricated or customized portable security guard room that you can be proud to call your own. Our experienced customer service representative will assist you with your needs and provide more information on security guard cabins.

We not only give you comfort but also give some memories when you give your workers such a beautiful and comfortable place to live, it will show them how concerned you are about them, they will be more happy and loyal towards and will show more dedication towards work. In other words, our bunkhouses' and bunk beds' advanced features will add maximum comfort to the workers' lives.

Our bunkhouses are adjustable in size, and you just need to tell us your requirements and some basic information like; for how many workers are going to reside in the house, what is the size of the plot where the house needed to be installed, whether it is single floured or double floured. SIze modification is the most advantageous feature of our bunkhouses, and you can adjust it according to your need. All we want to say is that you are just a phone call away, and SAMAN is ready with your easy to install bunkhouse.

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