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We are the masters of building bunkhouses, which will not make you feel that you are away from home, you can carry it anywhere. It will be having each and everything you would expect from a luxury and lavish residence.

SAMAN offers a wide range of superior quality products

People always want to build their homes or offices with the least cost possible without compromising with the durability, reliability and the value of their property, and such people can use our portable cabins as their office or home.

Its popularity is increasing day by day as it is offering the best lifestyle possible at the least. Also, it doesn't require a big amount for its maintenance; neither does it require much time for cleanliness regularly. Originally, the idea was taken from when the old ships were converted to living spaces because they were very convenient. Inspired by this and using advanced technology, we built these beautiful, cheap, and convenient portable houses.

We have the mastery in creating small spaces into beautiful ready-to-go cabins, which gives more space. You would be surprised to see how our carpenters can fit everything adequate within such little space, not to mention perfect cabinets for your belongings.

The building cost of such a beautiful residence is much smaller than the traditional costs and will provide you with the same comfort as your traditional home.

prefabricated structures india

To our customers we provide

  • We always give the best service after the installation of the bunkhouse
  • We always value the feedback of our clients.
  • We provide the best quality material in this business.
  • No one can be quicker in installation after order.
  • Always ready to discuss the changes as per the requirements.
  • Durable, reliable, and secured structure
  • Always ready to listen to clients if they problems with the service.
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Product Features


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Minimum Order Quantity 24 Square feet
Door Height 6 - 8 ft
Surface Finish Color coated
Feature Easily Assembled
Build Type Modular
Matarial Almunium & Upvc


Bangalore India
Call: 08046809920
95% response rate

About this Product

A team of workers, irrespective of its size, can live and sleep in our portable constructs with ease and comfort. Our services can easily be fitted in any space provided. They are resistant to any climate conditions and are so lightweight that they can easily be transported without any extra cost..

You just need to provide us with the basic information, and we will tell you what exactly fulfills your requirements and give you the best deal possible. SAMAN is the place where you can get the best product if you are looking for a bunkhouse in India. Since we have to keep up with the expectation of clients and the industrial standards, we need to build the bunkhouses with superior quality. We have held our products to the international safety standards to keep us ahead of everyone in the business. We also kept in mind that our quick production and faster delivery do not compromise with the quality.

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We always wanted to be the best in the business, to accomplish this goal, we need to manufacture the best quality of the product for customers across the country. In this journey, international safety standards play an important role; they allow us to keep the standard always high and up to the mark.

Get the plus of your great employee

If you went somewhere with your employees and you are not getting a place to live, our bunkhouses are the solution to all your problems, and we will give instant accommodation anywhere. We will meet all the expectations of your workers. They will not feel uncomfortable and will become so happy that their happiness will be reflected in their work.

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Thriving in the new normal with us

If your work includes regular traveling, you will become so familiar with our bunkhouses that they will not let you remember your home comfort, and you will not have to adjust your normal life. SAMANs bunkhouses will redefine the word normal in your life.

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Prefabricated bunkhouses

The best thing about our constructs is that it completely fulfills the demand of our clients. We have. We have an extremely talented team that works with us to provide our clients with the best product possible. They use and modify our ideas in the best way possible. Infrastructure is one of the most important key points in the success of the company, based on your needs, you need to install any equipment, and you may need to install portable toilets. To design such bunkhouses, you need the best set of designers who can work relentlessly.

Our bunkhouse is one of its kind and differs from others in many aspects, and our bunkhouses are built of best quality wooden materials which makes it best when compared to others.you can set portable toilets, install TVs or built a closet, all you need is the best designer who can plan and create the customizable portable houses. If you urgently have to go to someplace and look for instant accommodation, bunkhouses would be the best option, it can be built in hours, and you don't need to compromise with comfort and hygiene.

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We not only give you comfort but also give some memories when you give your workers such a beautiful and comfortable place to live, it will show them how concerned you are about them, they will be more happy and loyal towards and will show more dedication towards work. In other words, our bunkhouses' and bunk beds' advanced features will add maximum comfort to the workers' lives.

Our bunkhouses are adjustable in size, and you just need to tell us your requirements and some basic information like; for how many workers are going to reside in the house, what is the size of the plot where the house needed to be installed, whether it is single floured or double floured. SIze modification is the most advantageous feature of our bunkhouses, and you can adjust it according to your need. All we want to say is that you are just a phone call away, and SAMAN is ready with your easy to install bunkhouse.

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