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SAMAN POS India Pvt Ltd offers comprehensive storage and residency solutions for residential and commercial sectors. Since 2017, we have established ourselves as a prime supplier of shipping container office with 30+ pre-engineered structures for multifaceted organizations. Our customized shipping container structures are loved and adored for their reliability, durability, transportability and most importantly affordability.

Our team at SAMAN POS India Pvt Ltd relentlessly strives to cater to the needs of our customers by going through leaps and bounds. We as a company has always put our customers’ satisfaction as our prime focus rather than lining money in our pockets. Running a successful business since inception has helped us to focus more on developing a relationship with our client base and address their concerns promptly. Therefore, we don’t utilize a push sale strategy at SAMAN POS India Pvt Ltd, rather we focus us enlightening our customers and usher them into the futuristic world of eco-friendly infrastructures.

Customized to Perfection

Have you ever dreamt of building an office of your choice?

We can make your dream come true. All you have to do is plan design for your new office and we can get your design approved quickly. Moreover, our in-house professionals can guide you through the process and help you choose the best layout for your business. As the largest supplier in India, we cater to the requirements of all organization. You can order a small size cabin for a single person or a large office to accommodate hundreds of employees, we can get them done within weeks. We know the basic requirement of an office – Air conditioning vents, ventilation, windows, lights, power sockets, etc. We fabricate an aesthetically looking office and ensure all your demands have been met.

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Spend Less and Save More

Gone are the days when building a structure demands a ridiculous amount of investment. Our shipping container office immensely differs from traditional structures, especially in the matter of pricing. We help you cut your investment price in every way possible. Whether it’s paying hefty money on on-site works or spending your hard-earned money on remodeling your office; with us, you can consider yourselves saved from these cash outflows. As our end-products are manufactured at an offsite location, you don’t need to invest in any on-site work. Also, our customized products come with easy-to-fold features, enabling you to attach new structures or dismount some parts of the structures. Without any need for demolition and rebuilding, you can massively save your refurbishment costs.  

Product Details

Approx. Rs 1,100 / Square Feet

Product Details :

Minimum Order Quantity

1 Square Feet

Door Height

6-8 ft

Surface Finish

Color Coated


Easily Assembled

Built Type




We are instrumental in offering a comprehensive range of Portable Home Container.

Lower Time Consumption

Completed a traditional structure and establishing it completely for work purpose may require months and even years for large organizations. Most onsite works come with a myriad of prerequisite steps such as accumulation raw materials, hiring architects, supervising workforces, availing land permits and many more. Amidst the construction and time consumption, one hardly keep tabs of the immense amount of business they lose. Those worries are of past now. We at SAMAN POS India Pvt Ltd, ensure rapid delivery of your pre-engineered shipping container office. Hence, it takes only weeks to get the work done rather than waiting for months. As all our products come directly from the manufactured in prefab condition, it eliminates the need for any onsite work. The installation phase also takes around 3-6 days; a time remarkably lower than traditional construction.

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Save the Planet

Millions of shipping containers stay stacked in the shipping yard without serving any purpose. Our manufacturers restructure them by crafting durable container offices; making an excellent source of living space out of them. We believe in recycling and our manufacturer ensures that by converting unusable raw materials into useful renewable cabins that lasts way longer than traditional structures. With the world leading their path alongside nature, we at SAMAN POS India Pvt Ltd, also try to pay our contribution towards making the world a better place for our future generation. It's better to choose an affordable and safer alternative than building a brick & mortar building; a construction which results in noise, air, and water pollution.

Safety Guaranteed

The shipping containers by SAMAN POS India Pvt Ltd consists of highly durable ACP Materials which are famous for their corrosion resistant, impact proof, lighter weight, and Industrial graded durability. Combine these features with a sophisticated manufacturing process and you get a product which can endure the harsh climatic conditions, heavy rain, floods, cyclones, earthquakes, and other natural calamities. Before procuring final goods, we ensure the quality via a robust testing phase. Products that passed those tests are only delivered to our clients.

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Most of our clients come from construction, mining and entertainment industries, where the organization has to travel places to execute their work. Before, one has to construct or pay massive rent for employee accommodation, temporary office space, security office, conveyances, etc. Now, the need for building construction and demolishing them has significantly reduced through the emergence of Shipping Container Office. The light-weight body of our shipping container offices ensures hassle-free transportability. Simply fold the prefab structure, load them on the back of the truck and install them at your destination.

Supply On-Demand

We serve our customers not through uncertain promises but through our determined services. We understand the value of time and money. Therefore, we have always stayed in contact with prestigious manufacturers and raw material suppliers across the country, who help us to deliver our services to our clients within a short duration without any compromise in the quality.

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Build Your Dream Office with One Call

Are you looking for availing a shipping container office for your new venture? At SAMAN POS India Pvt Ltd, we don’t keep your waiting, rather we stay with you at your every decision. We are among the rare prefab structures’ supplier who offers excellent layout designing services, facilitating impeccable designing solutions to organizations across the globe. We have a wide range of pre-approved layouts which you can select as per your requirements or you can design your own office and we help you deliver them at your doorstep.


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