The Ultimate Guide When Choosing a Classic Portable Cabin Plan with a Loft

The Ultimate Guide When Choosing a Classic Portable Cabin Plan with a Loft

Are you tired of the same daily routine? Always stuck in the same place? Well, perhaps its time to take a leap and leave behind mortgages and being confined to one place.

The answer to your problem: portable cabins with lofts! Are you ready to build your dream home and life while saving money? Of course, you are! That’s why you are here. 

If you’re are feeling overwhelmed about all the possibilities of portable cabins with lofts and don’t where to start read this step by step guide!

Take Into Account Environmental Factors

The first step in building a portable cabin is deciding where to put it. Taking into consideration environmental factors is important because it can make or break the quality of your space. 

Firstly, make sure it is in a safe space meaning you aren’t going to be susceptible to harsh elements such as storms, flooding, and strong winds. A huge plus to a porta cabin living space is exactly that. It is portable! 

In worst-case scenarios such as a tornado or hurricane, mobility is your friend, but setting up your porta cabin in a flood zone or somewhere it rains every day might put a damper on things.

Another factor you need to take into account in sunlight. The more natural light coming into your porta cabin, the better. Natural light will make the small space appear bigger and will avoid the space feeling cramped.

In the best-case scenario, portable cabins with a loft should be facing towards the south so that the sun hits from (east to west), In order to take advantage of natural lighting at all hours of the day. 

The wind is an environmental factor that needs to be taken into account. Yes, wind direction changes constantly but there are still elements to be mindful of.

For instance, if your porta cabin is near a beach, be aware where the draftiest places are, and avoid putting a patio or porch parallel with the shoreline (this is where the most wind occurs). 

Rather, you should put a patio on the other side of the structure so the wind is blocked making your seating area much more comfortable. Who wants to be blown away when trying to relax in a beautiful “outdoor living room”?  

Figure Out What Type of Portable Cabin With Loft Suits Your Needs

Picking out the right kind of loft can be overwhelming. You may be asking questions such as: 

  • How large should it be? 
  • Where do I put in to maximize space?
  • Do I just want a bed in my loft space? Or other elements?

The most important rule in maximizing space is to build up not out. Wherever you have the most room vertically is where you should build loft space. 

Worried about size? Think about what the loft space is going to be used for. Is it solely a place to sleep? Or do you also want to use it to kick back and relax, potentially watch TV?

Take into account how big of a bed you want in order to be comfortable. If it is just one person, perhaps a twin bed? Or for two maybe you want to consider a queen. Are the people using the space tall? Or is it children sleeping in the loft space?

Concerned about privacy in a small space?

With multiple people living together in a small space concern about lack of privacy is valid. Remember these tips to allow for maximized privacy when living with others in your portable cabin.

Have sleeping spaces in closed-off areas on the cabin, such as corners. Under the stairs or our personal favorite: A loft! Having a loft is one of the most ideal sleeping set-ups in a portable cabin because you are utilizing all space and it provides privacy and extra space for the rest of the living area. 

Once you make these decisions then you can think about the kind of loft roof you would like to have. There are three main types:

  • Triangular
  • Gable roofs (rectangular)
  • Hip roofs (square) 

Draw a Detailed Sketch

When you draw out your sketch include all the elements previously mentioned. We’re talking floor plans, furniture placement, and weather conditions such as wind patterns and direction of sunlight. 

Make sure the sketch is to scale and includes exact measurements. This is extremely important when working with a small space. 

Utilize ALL space, avoid wasting space on elements of the home that are not needed or creates choppy space such as hallways and corridors, they are unnecessary.

Use the Great Outdoors

Portable cabins with lofts should have both inside and outside seating. Having both inside and outside seating is a key element to a comfortable portable cabin with a loft. A porch, patio, a balcony or even roof access with outdoor seating is a must-have.

The kitchen is a great place to do this. Eating and making food is often a social activity and is a good room to make the central location of your portable cabin.

Open space outside the kitchen leading to outdoor seating or a bar that can have seating both in, or outside provides more seats and space for living, eating, and socializing!

Multi-functional elements such as a wall that opens up to create an inside/outside connecting bar space or a folding patio for mobility are great tricks to enhance your space. 

Multi-functional pieces of furniture serve the same purpose! Stairs that open up into drawers, a couch that unfolds into an extra bed. Get creative! This is the fun part 

Get excited! Now you have all the tools you need to start planning and designing portable cabins with loft. Contact us for more ideas and for more information on all the different ways a porta cabin space can be used! 

Why Portable Storage Containers Are Cheaper Compared to Other Traditional Storage Methods?

Why Portable Storage Containers Are Cheaper Compared to Other Traditional Storage Methods?

Using portable storage containers can save you money! Don’t get stuck only thinking about traditional storage methods. Portable storage containers have lots of benefits you might not have even considered.

Portable storage containers come in a variety of sizes to meet your needs. They’re durable and secure, too. From convenience to location to protecting your valuables, these containers can do it all.

If you need safe, convenient storage and you need time to fill them up, a portable storage container will suit you and save you money.

As you think about what you might need a storage container for next, here are five ways that portable storage containers can be cheaper.

On-Site Loading Is Cheaper

One of the great things about using a portable storage container is that you can load it yourself. That means you can take your time doing it. If you had to pay people to load your things over the course of many days or weeks it would cost you a lot of money.

You don’t have to worry about keeping a moving crew waiting. You can take the time you need to move your items. A moving crew would need to do all the moving in one day.

They won’t be coming in and out of your house, either. You’ll be able to move things as you want to. If you need to keep some things handy for a while longer, you can because there’s no pressure from a moving crew to hurry up.

A portable storage container is flat to the ground. There’s no ramp to push things up. There’s no step to lift heavy items over.

For many people, the accessibility of a storage container means they can move things easily themselves. That means you can save the money you would otherwise pay a moving crew.

Store Portable Storage Containers on Your Own Land

Portable storage containers are brought to your home or business and left there. You can save money by storing your things in the container on your own property. You won’t be paying for a storage unit as well as the move to get your items there.

This aspect of a portable storage container can save you a lot of money. One of the biggest costs of a storage unit is the facility itself. You already own your own land so you won’t be paying to rent space or land.

No Gas Needed

With a portable storage container, there are no extra costs. You won’t be paying to rent a moving truck. You won’t be paying for the gas to make that truck move.

You also save money by being able to handle the move into the container yourself. And because you don’t have to drive the truck back and forth to the new location you’ll save time as well.

Once the container is dropped off at your location it will stay there until you need it moved to your new location. You won’t pay for that time. If you moved your things into a storage unit you would have to rent the unit from the first day.

Convenience Is Valuable

The convenience of a portable storage container is worth a lot of time and money. It’s right where you need it to be while you take your time loading it.

If you decide to keep the container on your land, you can access it whenever you want. You don’t have to drive to a storage unit. You don’t have to spend the time and money that it takes to access your things if they aren’t close by.

On the other hand, portable storage containers can be kept by the company for a long time for less cost than a storage unit. That means you can save money if you don’t need to access things for a while. This is convenient for people who need to move out but won’t be in their new location for a longer amount of time.

Secure and Safe 

Putting your valuable items into a portable storage container is safe and secure. Knowing that your things will be protected from the environment and thieves is valuable.

You won’t lose your possessions to thieves, and the elements won’t damage them. Having to replace items that are damaged or stolen can be expensive or difficult.

These containers are made of strong and durable materials. The weather doesn’t damage the containers. They are sealed against the elements.

A portable storage container will save you money because you know your things will be just like when you put them in it.

Choose a Portable Storage Container for Your Next Move

Carefully consider what you need in a storage container. Portable storage containers might well suit your requirements. And because they can be cheaper than traditional storage methods, you might save money, too.

Your storage unit will be close by. You’ll be able to access it when you want. You can also fill it on your own schedule.

They are easy to access so you won’t need to hire a moving crew. You don’t need to fill a truck and drive it back and forth. 

There really are a lot of good reasons to use portable storage containers. Price and convenience are two of the most important reasons.

We’re experienced with portable storage containers. We know how to help you get the best container for your needs. We can work with you and get you the best price when you move.

Our team of experts will work with you to find the best solution. Our containers are built to last. Contact us today to learn more about our portable storage container services. 

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