How Portable Storage Buildings Are a Better Solution To All Your Storage Problems?

How Portable Storage Buildings Are a Better Solution To All Your Storage Problems?

Do you want to have enough space and easily transportable buildings for your business or personal needs? If yes, then you have to know the benefits of portable storage buildings.

A portable building is a building designed and built on a movable mound rather than on a permanent location.

A portable storage building be it a home, office or another building is a house manufactured out of easy and  assembled materials so that these materials can be moved from one place to another. These portable storage buildings are so portable because they can be prefabricated easily when required.

As the name suggests, portable storage buildings offer the independence to opt for a wide range of building’s interior and exterior designs, color, sizes, shapes, etc by the builder. The user of these portable storage buildings is availed of the opportunity to build a stay without paying any high or significant labor charges.

What is the need for huge storage space in modern buildings?

Storage is a highly important factor for many businesses and industries. Suppose let’s take the reference of the random construction industry. The tools, types of equipment, and other raw materials, which are all quite valuable items need to be put away at the end of a workday at the time when buildings to store these items are still being constructed. This situation calls for portable storage buildings.

Furthermore, retail businesses also require a huge storage solution for the rapid growth and depletion of inventories.

These two examples point out the problem in space for storage which is often unavailable whenever the need for something permanent is absent. Portable storage buildings solve these problems as such buildings are referred to as mobile storage buildings offering the construction and retail industries some storage space so that they enhance their creativity with either temporary or permanent storage.

Below are the top four benefits of using portable storage buildings for your storage needs:

High Security :

A lot of businesses need a safe storage area to store their valuable items such as heavy equipment( generators), retail equipment (computer system, cash registers), building supplies such as raw materials, cement blocks, stones, etc., metals, electronic appliances, etc.

All these expensive items are valuable and potentially dangerous. Thus, a portable storage building here will serve one of the primary and most important benefits i.e. security.

Your valuable items will be protected from both thieves and unauthorized access and the natural elements such as water, sunlight, wind, etc. Portable storage offers space to store the metal and steel thereby preventing rust. Furthermore, portable storage buildings come with locking systems with special hidden padlocks to prevent any unauthorized access to the same.


Affordable System :

Portable storage buildings are competitively priced thereby making them more affordable. Portable storage buildings do not count in additional retail space with heavy rents. Furthermore, you will have to pay only for the space you use. Also, you get the facility to pay only for the amount of time duration you use it. If you need it for one day, you pay for one day or if you need it for one year, you pay for the same.

Additionally, if you own a construction business where you require to move from one location to another location, and often requires storage space, then purchasing a portable storage building will be your most economical solution. You have all options to own a new portable storage building or purchase a used portable container.



Mobile and portable storage buildings are transportable anywhere and everywhere. You can purchase the empty portable storage container from the company to pick up the accessories you need and once your work is done you can ask the company to collect the empty container back. And, if you have purchased a unit permanently, you can take it anywhere you need it. Thus, portable storage buildings are highly portable.



Many industries and business like the construction industry need storage that can be durable in the following situations-

  • Usage for days, weeks, months, and even years
  • Transportation from one location to another location in a variety of terrains
  • Storage of heavy equipment and transportation of dangerous materials
  • Extreme weather conditions such as the scorching sun heat, heavy rainfall, and damaging winds

Thus, Portable storage buildings are very durable with both benefit and affordability.



As you have had a chance to know that the portable storage containers have several benefits the prime offers a better solution to all your storage problems. Portable Storage buildings are great for many businesses and industrial purposes with complete freedom to either purchase or rent these portable buildings. You have all choices to use these buildings not only when you are moving but also when your home is being renovated.

Just double-check everything in portable storage buildings and then you will have nothing to worry about!

Must-Know Things You Need to Know About the Prefabricated Buildings before Your Purchase

Must-Know Things You Need to Know About the Prefabricated Buildings before Your Purchase

With time, the accessibility of people to home loans has certainly made it very easy for people to have their own places to live. However, this has still not made this dream fulfilling to a lot of people that are not able to afford these home loans as well. They are not able to save up enough money to get their brick-and-mortar houses built for their families. Obtaining the ideal home in a desirable location that satisfies all your requirements while staying within one’s budget is a difficult task that most individuals can only accomplish once in their lives.

To make your house construction easier and faster, an overwhelming number of people are choosing prefabricated houses rather than constructing them with the help of conventional methods. Prefabricated houses are structures that are built in factories and supplied as individual parts of a larger puzzle that will function as a home when assembled properly. These buildings can be constructed on flat land for a fraction of the cost of conventional structures built by professional construction companies. If any of you has planned to get their prefabricated houses, then let us guide you more about it prior.

Features or Perks of Choosing to Get Your Prefabricated House

For your betterment and convenience, we are here with a list of perks that are important for you to know about before making your purchase. There is so much that you need to work upon, and hence, we hope that our small guide will make things easier and clear for you.


Quick Construction

One of the best perks of prefabricated houses is that they are quick and fast. In our country, even the government has considered choosing modular construction as their way out to provide houses to the poor. All of this is due to the fact that with this method of construction, you can get done with your work at the earliest.

A traditional masonry house takes on average 90 days to get completed and prepared for use, whereas a prefabricated house takes much less time and is prepared to use in 4 – 6 weeks. This prefabricated modular house is built with light and reduced-cost natural materials. Despite the pressure to produce quickly, the modular construction is flawless and comfortable.


Easy and Simple to Maintain

When you are buying a new house, it is mandatory that you have a proper check on the upkeep of the property. A prefab house requires significant maintenance to a conventionally built house, with the homeowner replacing electrical and hydraulic fixtures every five years to get optimal performance. If the pre-engineered house is constructed of wood, it would need to be treated in the same way as conventional wooden structures are to make it flexible to climatic changes. If you want to save money, ensure that you don’t buy prefabricated buildings built of raw wood because they won’t last long, and if you have a concrete slab foundation, make sure the concrete is treated properly with waterproofing.


Stylish and Amazing Structure

Having a prefabricated house does not have to make you sacrifice aesthetics and elegance because there are many designs that can also be introduced depending on the size of the property, including details such as large windows and expansive balconies. Suppose you need personalized additions to the home, such as adjusting the location and size of doors, gates, ceilings, patio railing, and so on, then these issues can be addressed with the developer when discussing the specifications of the house to be built.


Lesser Costs Involved

The most important consideration for anyone constructing a home is an expense, and since this fluctuates so much during existing conventional homes due to the unpredictability of raw material and labor costs, a prefab home is the best choice. These buildings are made of both concrete and wood. It can be built for up to half the price of a traditional masonry house and can be established in a short amount of time.

Every section of the house has already been built; the labor cost would just be for assembling the pieces together and putting the building together. The house would have a clear base on the land; the only extra effort and investment needed to build this type of house are to keep the ground completely leveled. The time it takes for the house to be prepared to move in would be short once the land has been cleared.


Excellent Interiors and Customizations

The interior spaces of such houses are as cozy as those of a normally built house, and they can also be designed. Owners can individualize their room by filling it with furniture, furnishings, and other standard items, based on the size of the home.

SAMAN POS Pvt. Ltd. is here in India to help you get your prefabricated dream house in a very less time. Our experts will guide you in the best way possible to have a comfortable and peaceful life at your happy place.

What are Some Considerations for Buying Land to Build a Prefabricated Modular Houses?

What are Some Considerations for Buying Land to Build a Prefabricated Modular Houses?

The current increasing demand for homes has certainly put a lot of pressure on the construction sector. Hence, to cope with the performance and quality pressure, this sector has now shifted towards the use of technology and innovation. Thanks to the constantly growing technological industry, prefabricated modular construction is now in thriving demand. There are lots of people worldwide moving towards getting their houses constructed with the help of modular technology. For all the people who are unaware of what exactly is done in modular construction, let us give you a brief idea about it.

Prefabricated construction is a procedural method. It begins with the manufacturing of different building components at the factory site. Then, next to these, different components are taken to the construction site using conveyance. The experts will then, with the help of machinery, assemble these components for completing the work. Consider them to be the lego building blocks that can be combined in far less time. Sometimes, the entire prefab is erected at the factory before being transferred and positioned at the final destination.


Things to Consider While Choosing the Site for Modular Construction

For the construction of your dream house, you need an empty piece of land to fulfill your needs. Your wants, demands, lifestyle, and aspirations will all be considered, and the finished masterpiece will depict your personality. When searching for the ideal piece of land for your prefabricated modular home, we recommend that you consider a few key aspects. Evaluation of the following considerations will ensure that you buy land that will serve you well during the construction process and beyond.

Whether it is the availability of a nearby transportation facility or zoning requirement, there is so much that you need to be careful of. It is necessary to fully analyze all facets of a property to make sure that it is appropriate for your new home. If you are contemplating a modular home, there are many aspects to consider, ensuring that the installation goes as smoothly as the construction.


Site Characteristics

Whenever choosing the site, it is important to pay attention to the site’s topography. Let us have an explained look at how it is supposed to be.

Incline: The land needs to be flat so that the construction is easier and cheaper. Sloping land can cost you a lot, as you will have to spend extra on leveling it.
Plantation: Make sure that the land you buy should not have too many trees or plantations on it. With time, the roots will start interference with the construction and hence reduce the durability.
Soil Quality: The composition and nature of the soil will assess the land’s sustainability, the extent to which excavations will be necessary for preparing the land, and the expense with which you will be capable of constructing the foundations of your modular house.


Zoning Limitations

While selecting a piece of land for modular construction, ensure to look into zoning and overhead limits that have been put on the land. If the estate is adjacent to government land, has a water pipeline nearby, or has a decommissioned government road running through it, it may be subject to many limitations.

Take into account what type of construction is allowed in the area that you choose and learn about the future construction projects scheduled in the area while researching about zoning restrictions. Houses on adjacent blocks may or may not indicate that you can safely begin your project there. They may well have been constructed before the passage of a now-existing zoning law. Hence, the best thing would be to talk to the local authorities.


Connectivity and Accessibility

Make sure that the site you pick should provide you with access to all the amenities you will require every day. Check for the water supply in the area and whether you will get access to it 24X7. The next important thing you need to pay attention to is road and transportation. Accessible roads to handle heavy loads of modular homes will be required. Avoid the roads that are narrow and have overhanging edges, as they can be a trouble.

These were some points that you need to keep in mind whenever you are looking for a site, to begin with, the processing of your dream home.


Saman Portable is Here to Help You!!!

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Investing in a Prefabricated Farm House is a Good Idea! Here’s why!!!

Investing in a Prefabricated Farm House is a Good Idea! Here’s why!!!

There are certain times on the weekdays when you just wish to chill at a cozy home located far away from the hustle of the city. However, with the constant increase of property and construction material, if you are thinking of investing in a farmhouse, it can be difficult. When combining all your operations, it is often a very tedious task to have your new farmhouse. But, we all do know that how importance and leisure a farmhouse can add to our lives. Hence, it is always better to invest in one of them. Seeing the thriving changes in the construction industry, we can see the introduction of modular construction.

The coming of prefabricated homes has been a boon for society. Not just it helps you complete the construction work in time, but it can also help you save a lot of bucks. These days, many companies are providing their customers with amazing and robust pre-fab farmhouses for making the best of their times. Be it a space of two-bedrooms or four-bedrooms; there is so much that you can get in these amazing modular farmhouses.

That being said, there must be many of you who might still be wondering about why you should choose these pre-fab houses for your weekends. Hence, today in this blog, we will tell more about why the prefabricated farmhouses are certainly a great idea.

1. Saves a Lot of Time

Compared to the conventional construction procedure, we can say that building a pre-fab farmhouse is going to a lot less time. It is very well known that traditional homes will take several years to process. In contrast, prefabricated farm homes are constructed and completed in a manufacturing unit in as little as 6 to 8 weeks, with no delay due to the bad weather.

The pre-fab companies take the help of an intelligent system-based construction mechanism to make sure that a quick and consistent time is achieved once your pre-fab farmhouse is on your property. They assure that it will only take about two or three weeks to finish. You will be saving both time and money, which surely a deal. It is because you are minimizing the disturbance to your farm and land, thereby avoiding risks in your daily activities.

2. Cost-Efficient

Many households first weigh the risks associated before planning to construct a new home. From choosing the firm to go along with to agreeing on the products you want and the time it takes to create, over time, these choices will be expensive if not properly considered. However, if you are going for a pre-fab home, then there is no such thing that you will have to panic about. Deciding on a prefabricated farmhouse means installed in a warehouse, effectively reducing trades and workers’ commuting time, resulting in lower labor costs. The single cost of shipping a prefabricated home will also be cheaper than the total travel cost of many traders traveling an hour in a day.

A farmhouse created using modular construction in a factory over a traditional building contributes to a faster turnover, eventually leading to a greater value for investment. By investing in other aspects of building, a prefabricated home may provide a lot of high-end features.

3. Added Revenue Source

With domestic flights on the growth, there is indeed a high demand for domestic travel destinations. Providing farm lodgings, such as a farmhouse stay or a retreat, gives both visitors and residents the chance to delude themselves in a rural environment. This may be a great chance for an additional stream of income and also a better way to make the best of the assets you have already!

4. Gets You the Right Staff 

Getting competent farm workers can be challenging, so it’s necessary to seek and keep the right workers out of the way. The decision to invest in a good farm home for the worker and his family provides numerous opportunities for both the homeowner and the worker. Through engaging in a pre-fab farm home, not only are you recruiting the best workers, but then you can provide services that other farms can’t do. This will lead to higher performing candidates and improved odds of staff retention for an extended period.

As stated, a prefabricated farmhouse renders a lot of advantages for a farmer. They’re also easier and faster to install than conventional on-site construction. For a pre-fab home being constructed in a warehouse, it ensures that your farmhouse can be shipped directly to your site without any problems related to traffic, temperature, and enforcement issues that could arise with traditional construction. Whenever you plan to begin with your project, do not worry, as Saman Portable is here to help you through. Contact us for help and assistance regarding the same!


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What are The New Trends in the Prefabricated Building Manufacturer Industry?

What are The New Trends in the Prefabricated Building Manufacturer Industry?

It is certainly not worth considering the future of architecture without thinking or contemplating the growth of the construction industry as a whole. Except for a few, the construction industry has been suffering a lot from unexpected failures, which can impact the time and money of the clients and become a threat to nature. High labor requirements, wastage of material, and high maintenance standards are some of the few challenges the construction industry faces due to its conventional building practices. Due to all of this, many people have now made a complete shift towards prefabricated building construction.

The concept of a prefab building is not new to people, as there have been a few years since its inception. This growing trend of constructing a property has many enticing factors to consider, including the ease of getting an almost-completed home brought to your place rather than designing it all from scratch. Unlike earlier, nowadays, these prefabricated houses are not just a solution for low-priced areas. It is because this trend has steadily evolved over the past few years, as some of the leading firms in the emerging proptech and building technology spaces have concentrated on modular and prefab construction. Modular architecture is also used in several high-end commercial real estate ventures.


What is a Prefabricated Building?


prefabricated modular buildingsThe prefabricated buildings are the factory-built frameworks that are shipped to the building site in large sections. Given the scale of the property, the structures can be designed in one, two, or three pieces. These are shipped by truck and then will be assembled at the construction site. The prefab house is mostly designed using computer-aided technology to precise standards and assembled using extra material to survive through its trip to the final location. It typically produces stronger, higher quality houses that can be constructed as a stick-built in a fraction of time. Since houses are constructed in a managed system with comprehensive planning, there are certain delays and often shorter timelines.


Latest Trends in Prefabricated Building Manufacturing Industry

Many experts are being questioned for a long time regarding the main trends of prefabricated construction. There are very obvious why’s and how’s popping up about where this trend of prefabricated buildings is heading. Below are some of the latest trends which will help you decide whether prefab is ideal for you or no.

Contemporary is the New Style

The prefab homes can be built in any style, as the manufacturers have an ample number of designs in their stylebooks. However, one of the most popular trends of styling their home chosen by the people is contemporary as per the experts. The first few prefab homes were also contemporary in style, but it might be possible that most people do not know that there is a wide range of other designs available to choose from.

Rural Homeowners Choose Prefab Buildings

The masters or experts feel that homeowners residing in remote areas would be more willing to invest in prefabricated housing. Rural properties also have difficulty reaching the lumber yards and locating quality contractors, so opting for a prefabricated home can be less costly and more stable quality for those in rural areas, as opposed to other places around the nation.

Property Owners Believe the Lower Cost Myth

Most experts believe that property owners often choose to invest in a prefabricated home due to its lower costs. But, some of the prefab houses are of higher prices also, and hence, we can say that the concept of lower cost is a myth now. These homes have a shorter timeline, and hence many construction-related costs can be avoided due to delays. However, the overall expenditure of a prefab home is the same as that of a stick-built home.

Millennials Inclined to Prefabricated Homes

Talking about which group of generation is more inclined towards the prefabricated homes, nothing would be more appropriate than the millennials. Perhaps there are various explanations for that, though, from the possibility that prefab homes are computer-based to the idea that millennial homeowners might be more familiar with the concept than homeowners who have only lived in the cemented homes. With this type of construction continuing to grow, it makes perfect sense that younger homeowners will be driving factors.

Size and Plans Vary for Prefab Houses

Prefab houses may be designed in several sizes, architectural designs, and floor plans, from tiny, small homes to massive mansions. However, some experts believed that, given the alternative, most people would prefer to be using this construction method for two-bedroom homes, while another set of people use it for three-bedroom homes.


Final Thoughts

Whatever the purposes for choosing to develop with prefab technologies are, it is a truth that this industry is growing. Make sure that you pay attention to trends over time to make a better and smarter decision about projects that you might like to implement, like your own prefabricated home. Remember that you follow these trends and many others in 2021 to make the best possible choices about your prefab house.

What is The Future of Modular Housing in India?

What is The Future of Modular Housing in India?

As per a research paper, the urban housing crisis increased by 54 percent to 29 million in 2018 in India. The construction sector of our country has not been able to keep pace with the rising rental housing of the developing cities across India. Having a good quality and affordable home is a hypothetical and unachievable vision for most of India’s population. To address these issues, the government has proposed many schemes to ensure that every family should have a home to live in. Only a technology-oriented and innovative method like modular construction can make it possible to achieve this goal.

Without a second thought, we can assure you that modular construction has the benefit of being quick. When the entire procedure of this construction is planned properly, the time needed to construct a unit of structure can be decreased by 50%. For example, you can construct 300 houses using modular construction, while it would have allowed only 200 in conventional construction. This, in effect, decreases worker’s wages while still lowering overhead costs attributable to the idle time of the employees at the project to carry on the work step by step. In conventional construction, the roof cannot be installed until the walls are built, and the walls cannot be installed before the floor is completed. With modular construction, all this work can be completed seamlessly by saving time, labor, and money.

Surge of Prefabricated Buildings is a Trend

The prefab and modular boom as a ‘trend’ are greatly related to the emergence of innovative technology systems such as Building Information Modelling. The use of BIM in modular construction has many advantages. It can improve the design flow and offers data-centric knowledge based on design, design, and construction problems. In addition to it, BIM will also help developers monitor the time, costs, and errors. The sector also acknowledges the importance of modular systems to achieving environmental objectives. Besides the benefits of waste prevention, off-site prefabricated work decreases the disturbance of habitat and site; safeguards raw materials from rainfall and adverse weather, and creates a more sustainable building. Likewise, lean design, the latest term these days, focuses primarily on reducing waste, resulting in substantial savings in both budgets and plans.


Benefits of Modular Constructions to the Indian Populations



In a traditional construction project, there is a lot of waste generated at the worksite, and we all are aware of this. However, in modular construction, the waste generated during the procedure can be managed with ease by experts. Also, the waste will be collected inside the factory only, which will help you keep the environment safe.


Lowered Costs

The prefabricated building reduces engineering, labor, resources, water, and labor costs, allowing it to be cost-effective. You can surely spend a lot of money by preferring to choose this method of construction.


Lesser Construction Time

Owing to technology and innovation usage, modular construction is completed at a much faster pace than conventional ones. This modular construction method helps create the best quality and custom-built projects, which would help the developer better control the project schedules to render excellent customer satisfaction.


Robust Structure & Framework

The elements and framework used to construct a prefabricated structure are manufactured in the factory itself. These are also more durable when compared to the traditional ones. The buildings manufactured using modular construction need to follow structural specifications and bear the transport loads when the structures are shipped to the site where the building is to be built.


Excellent Quality

All the components used to manufacture a prefabricated project’s different structures are made in a single place. Hence, for sure, the manufacturing material is the same and complies with the environmental standards.



Talking of the sound quality, it is much better in a modular house when compared to the others. In conventional houses, sound passes through walls and ceilings, hence, rotating floors are sometimes used to block noise. Each module is a different structure in prefabricated buildings. The modules attached to the house are shielded from the movement of sound from one to the other. There is substantial scope for off-site modular construction in India. However, the idea is new amongst Indian builders and homeowners, presenting difficulty to the ultimate progress of technology, particularly in the housing/residential market.


Wrapping Up!

The constantly increasing popularity of the prefabricated construction industry is likely to gain more and more popularity in the coming time. The majority of customers choose this alternative since it will benefit them with a high-quality, easier, cost-effective, and environmentally sustainable construction process. Also, the construction industries are going to increase their investments in the prefabricated construction procedure. This modular construction type is an increasingly reasonable option and expects its advantages and benefits to grow in the future.