Your Premier Porta Cabin Manufacturer

Your Premier Porta Cabin Manufacturer

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We Offer a wide range of Porta Cabins that are suitable for all onsite needs. In situations where buildings are frequently used at different locations, these are the best solutions. Engineers, architects, interior designers, consultants, and clients work together on a project using porta cabin as an office. With pre-painted G.I sheets on the side walls, ceiling, and floors, our prefabricated building resists heat during the summer and restores it during the winter.

Looking for an affordable porta cabin for your weekend getaways? Would you like a bungalow or small office in your backyard? SAMAN Portable Buildings is the best choice! We’re your one-stop solution for portable cabins and portab cabin kits, and we can provide you with a quality building that will meet your needs as well as your budget.

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How to Know What You Need in a Porta Cabin?

As a provider of affordable and reliable portable accommodation and storage, SAMAN POS India has built an excellent reputation across the Ahmedabad and Pune, North region. In addition to manufacturing prefabricated porta cabins, containerized units, prefabricated buildings, and steel structures, we empower our team of dedicated employees to deliver high-quality portable cabins on time and within budget.

Over the years, we have built an excellent reputation for manufacturing and delivering affordable and reliable portable accommodation and buildings for companies in the oil & gas, educational, real estate, and medical industries. This has resulted in significant and sustained company growth and development in a short amount of time

How to Know What You Need in a Porta Cabin?

With our factory located in Umm Al Quwain, we deliver containers and container conversions all over the world, we have the products and knowledge to solve your portable storage and accommodation requirements. Our expertise is on hand from quotation through to installation and beyond, with a promise to deliver your project on time and within budget.

Our goal is to provide our customers and suppliers with the highest level of professional services, using national and international standards and policies. Whether you are looking for a single storage container or a variety of storage options, we are here to help.

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  • INTEGRITY: We maintain open and honest communication throughout the corporation, adhering to the strictest ethical standards.
  • SUSTAINABILITY: Whenever possible, SAMAN POS India Pvt Ltd promotes recycling and reusing materials
  • ON TIME: SAMAN POS India Pvt Ltd - A porta cabin company values time and we aim to deliver each product on time.
  • HEALTH & SAFETY: At Portacabin Global, we provide and maintain a healthy and safe working environment with the objective of minimizing occupational accidents and illnesses.
  • QUALITY: Portacabin Global is dedicated to enhancing customer satisfaction by providing high-quality products and services.
  • VALUE FOR MONEY: We believe in the importance of good value, whether simple cabins or state-of-the-art prefab buildings. Whatever your budget, we have a cost-effective solution to match.

Best-selling Porta Cabin on SAMAN POS India Private Limited

Before: When it comes to getting a functional portable cabin, you are faced with a lot of options that aren't as functional as you would like. After: Now, what if I told you that we can help you find the perfect portable cabin? Meet Porta Cabin a design-build company that offers a unique range of portable cabins that can be customized to meet your specific needs and budget.

transportable cabins and transport boxes for rent and on the market new and refurbished. Buying or Hiring from us offers you the self assurance which you would not get from other recourse online. Portable Cabins for your extra space. High first-class refurbished transportable cabins are to be had in all patterns and dimensions - used as porta cabin offices, park stations, catering, coffee, toilets, classrooms. We've driven the bounds of porta cabin dimensions and brought a flexible variety of extensive cabins. If you're searching out production web website online offices, convention rooms, canteens, garage rooms, clinics or classrooms, then you may purchase with our extensive transportable cabins a closed location of as much as 50 meter.

Depending at the customer's wishes, numerous packages and enhancements can be taken into account, e.g. Shutters for home windows and air conditioners. The foam crammed glass fiber bolstered huge cabins product of fiberglass (GRP) plates are robust even in excessive climate conditions Join lots of groups and those round the arena who selected SAMAN's extensive transportable cabins and favored the difference

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The SAMAN Group emerges as one of the top PEB manufacturers in India by 2022

The SAMAN Group emerges as one of the top PEB manufacturers in India by 2022

The SAMAN Group emerges as one of the top PEB manufacturers in India by 2022

SAMAN POS India Pvt Ltd provides complete pre-engineered building solutions for buildings in the country, including metal roofs, sheeting, wall cladding, insulation, and acoustics. Our expert team regularly updates the rankings of these best PEB manufacturers in India. As per the customer's demands, SAMAN provides its customers with great designs and cost-efficient products. One of the only reasons why the company is one of the top 10 PEB companies in India is because it excels in so many fields. Over 65000 buildings have been built by the company in the countries where it is effective. SAMAN POS India launched its journey to serve all in 2019 and has now become one of the pioneering companies in the nation that is well established across the length and breadth of the country. Every year, the company manufactures more than 300 square meters of roofing or cladding. Accordingly, the efficiency of the company can be assessed from the given information. As a result, everyone in the SAARC region has been able to get quality service without having to spend a lot of money on it. In addition to providing customer satisfaction throughout the nation, this company is large enough to cover the length and width of the country.

SAMAN POS India Has Gained A Foothold In the Indian Market As One Of The Best PEB Manufacturers

In recent years, this Bangalore-based Indian company has worked wonders for itself, becoming Jindal Build system. Over 100 projects have been executed by the company in the country. Therefore, the company has a good reputation for providing world-class service to customers without letting them complain. An organization that stays in business for more than five years must have something really awesome going for it. In its 5 years of journey, the company has been the only one without quite enough experience to rank among the nation's top 10 PEB firms. Among the company's outstanding projects are the Coal Tar Enamel Manufacturing Plant in Dommasandra, the PUF Sandwich Panel Plant in Bangalore, and many others. Though this company was set up relatively early in 2017, it has been able to show for the nation that it has the best products one could offer at such an early stage. It is proud to have worked on projects such as Emmay Logistics Kerala, India, and Thermax Babcok Wilcox Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd., India, and others. Users and clients are provided with only the best offers by the company. PEB companies have been redefined by the company and this has led to the growth of the nation at large. An important aspect of the company's success is that it has the right balance of experience, excellence, and energy. Although the company has a large number of youth, they do not completely outgrow the experienced clan, which explains its success.   PEB manufacturers

Peb Solutions: The Smart Way to Build

SAMAN is one of the most renowned and well-respected in its field. Now that the company has gained experience, it has a lot more options than before. Growth is quite rapid at the company. In the country, there is a high demand for a company that has installed more than 1 million square meters of metal roofing systems for more than 100 companies. Furthermore, the company has done the above steps well enough to satisfy their customers to the fullest extent possible. Furthermore, the company has always taken care of its customers' needs. Their main goal has been to satisfy their customers in every way. They have always helped their customers make the right decisions and provided the best suggestions, and their commitment to their work cannot be questioned.

How Portable Storage Buildings Are a Better Solution To All Your Storage Problems?

How Portable Storage Buildings Are a Better Solution To All Your Storage Problems?

Do you want to have enough space and easily transportable buildings for your business or personal needs? If yes, then you have to know the benefits of portable storage buildings.

A portable building is a building designed and built on a movable mound rather than on a permanent location.

A portable storage building be it a home, office or another building is a house manufactured out of easy and  assembled materials so that these materials can be moved from one place to another. These portable storage buildings are so portable because they can be prefabricated easily when required.

As the name suggests, portable storage buildings offer the independence to opt for a wide range of building's interior and exterior designs, color, sizes, shapes, etc by the builder. The user of these portable storage buildings is availed of the opportunity to build a stay without paying any high or significant labor charges.

What is the need for huge storage space in modern buildings?

Storage is a highly important factor for many businesses and industries. Suppose let's take the reference of the random construction industry. The tools, types of equipment, and other raw materials, which are all quite valuable items need to be put away at the end of a workday at the time when buildings to store these items are still being constructed. This situation calls for portable storage buildings.

Furthermore, retail businesses also require a huge storage solution for the rapid growth and depletion of inventories.

These two examples point out the problem in space for storage which is often unavailable whenever the need for something permanent is absent. Portable storage buildings solve these problems as such buildings are referred to as mobile storage buildings offering the construction and retail industries some storage space so that they enhance their creativity with either temporary or permanent storage.

Below are the top four benefits of using portable storage buildings for your storage needs:

High Security :

A lot of businesses need a safe storage area to store their valuable items such as heavy equipment( generators), retail equipment (computer system, cash registers), building supplies such as raw materials, cement blocks, stones, etc., metals, electronic appliances, etc.

All these expensive items are valuable and potentially dangerous. Thus, a portable storage building here will serve one of the primary and most important benefits i.e. security.

Your valuable items will be protected from both thieves and unauthorized access and the natural elements such as water, sunlight, wind, etc. Portable storage offers space to store the metal and steel thereby preventing rust. Furthermore, portable storage buildings come with locking systems with special hidden padlocks to prevent any unauthorized access to the same.


Affordable System :

Portable storage buildings are competitively priced thereby making them more affordable. Portable storage buildings do not count in additional retail space with heavy rents. Furthermore, you will have to pay only for the space you use. Also, you get the facility to pay only for the amount of time duration you use it. If you need it for one day, you pay for one day or if you need it for one year, you pay for the same.

Additionally, if you own a construction business where you require to move from one location to another location, and often requires storage space, then purchasing a portable storage building will be your most economical solution. You have all options to own a new portable storage building or purchase a used portable container.



Mobile and portable storage buildings are transportable anywhere and everywhere. You can purchase the empty portable storage container from the company to pick up the accessories you need and once your work is done you can ask the company to collect the empty container back. And, if you have purchased a unit permanently, you can take it anywhere you need it. Thus, portable storage buildings are highly portable.



Many industries and business like the construction industry need storage that can be durable in the following situations-

  • Usage for days, weeks, months, and even years
  • Transportation from one location to another location in a variety of terrains
  • Storage of heavy equipment and transportation of dangerous materials
  • Extreme weather conditions such as the scorching sun heat, heavy rainfall, and damaging winds

Thus, Portable storage buildings are very durable with both benefit and affordability.



As you have had a chance to know that the portable storage containers have several benefits the prime offers a better solution to all your storage problems. Portable Storage buildings are great for many businesses and industrial purposes with complete freedom to either purchase or rent these portable buildings. You have all choices to use these buildings not only when you are moving but also when your home is being renovated.

Just double-check everything in portable storage buildings and then you will have nothing to worry about!

Must-Know Things You Need to Know About the Prefabricated Buildings before Your Purchase

Must-Know Things You Need to Know About the Prefabricated Buildings before Your Purchase

With time, the accessibility of people to home loans has certainly made it very easy for people to have their own places to live. However, this has still not made this dream fulfilling to a lot of people that are not able to afford these home loans as well. They are not able to save up enough money to get their brick-and-mortar houses built for their families. Obtaining the ideal home in a desirable location that satisfies all your requirements while staying within one's budget is a difficult task that most individuals can only accomplish once in their lives.

To make your house construction easier and faster, an overwhelming number of people are choosing prefabricated houses rather than constructing them with the help of conventional methods. Prefabricated houses are structures that are built in factories and supplied as individual parts of a larger puzzle that will function as a home when assembled properly. These buildings can be constructed on flat land for a fraction of the cost of conventional structures built by professional construction companies. If any of you has planned to get their prefabricated houses, then let us guide you more about it prior.

Features or Perks of Choosing to Get Your Prefabricated House

For your betterment and convenience, we are here with a list of perks that are important for you to know about before making your purchase. There is so much that you need to work upon, and hence, we hope that our small guide will make things easier and clear for you.


Quick Construction

One of the best perks of prefabricated houses is that they are quick and fast. In our country, even the government has considered choosing modular construction as their way out to provide houses to the poor. All of this is due to the fact that with this method of construction, you can get done with your work at the earliest.

A traditional masonry house takes on average 90 days to get completed and prepared for use, whereas a prefabricated house takes much less time and is prepared to use in 4 - 6 weeks. This prefabricated modular house is built with light and reduced-cost natural materials. Despite the pressure to produce quickly, the modular construction is flawless and comfortable.


Easy and Simple to Maintain

When you are buying a new house, it is mandatory that you have a proper check on the upkeep of the property. A prefab house requires significant maintenance to a conventionally built house, with the homeowner replacing electrical and hydraulic fixtures every five years to get optimal performance. If the pre-engineered house is constructed of wood, it would need to be treated in the same way as conventional wooden structures are to make it flexible to climatic changes. If you want to save money, ensure that you don't buy prefabricated buildings built of raw wood because they won't last long, and if you have a concrete slab foundation, make sure the concrete is treated properly with waterproofing.


Stylish and Amazing Structure

Having a prefabricated house does not have to make you sacrifice aesthetics and elegance because there are many designs that can also be introduced depending on the size of the property, including details such as large windows and expansive balconies. Suppose you need personalized additions to the home, such as adjusting the location and size of doors, gates, ceilings, patio railing, and so on, then these issues can be addressed with the developer when discussing the specifications of the house to be built.


Lesser Costs Involved

The most important consideration for anyone constructing a home is an expense, and since this fluctuates so much during existing conventional homes due to the unpredictability of raw material and labor costs, a prefab home is the best choice. These buildings are made of both concrete and wood. It can be built for up to half the price of a traditional masonry house and can be established in a short amount of time.

Every section of the house has already been built; the labor cost would just be for assembling the pieces together and putting the building together. The house would have a clear base on the land; the only extra effort and investment needed to build this type of house are to keep the ground completely leveled. The time it takes for the house to be prepared to move in would be short once the land has been cleared.


Excellent Interiors and Customizations

The interior spaces of such houses are as cozy as those of a normally built house, and they can also be designed. Owners can individualize their room by filling it with furniture, furnishings, and other standard items, based on the size of the home.

SAMAN POS Pvt. Ltd. is here in India to help you get your prefabricated dream house in a very less time. Our experts will guide you in the best way possible to have a comfortable and peaceful life at your happy place.

What are Some Considerations for Buying Land to Build a Prefabricated Modular Houses?

What are Some Considerations for Buying Land to Build a Prefabricated Modular Houses?

The current increasing demand for homes has certainly put a lot of pressure on the construction sector. Hence, to cope with the performance and quality pressure, this sector has now shifted towards the use of technology and innovation. Thanks to the constantly growing technological industry, prefabricated modular construction is now in thriving demand. There are lots of people worldwide moving towards getting their houses constructed with the help of modular technology. For all the people who are unaware of what exactly is done in modular construction, let us give you a brief idea about it.

Prefabricated construction is a procedural method. It begins with the manufacturing of different building components at the factory site. Then, next to these, different components are taken to the construction site using conveyance. The experts will then, with the help of machinery, assemble these components for completing the work. Consider them to be the lego building blocks that can be combined in far less time. Sometimes, the entire prefab is erected at the factory before being transferred and positioned at the final destination.


Things to Consider While Choosing the Site for Modular Construction

For the construction of your dream house, you need an empty piece of land to fulfill your needs. Your wants, demands, lifestyle, and aspirations will all be considered, and the finished masterpiece will depict your personality. When searching for the ideal piece of land for your prefabricated modular home, we recommend that you consider a few key aspects. Evaluation of the following considerations will ensure that you buy land that will serve you well during the construction process and beyond.

Whether it is the availability of a nearby transportation facility or zoning requirement, there is so much that you need to be careful of. It is necessary to fully analyze all facets of a property to make sure that it is appropriate for your new home. If you are contemplating a modular home, there are many aspects to consider, ensuring that the installation goes as smoothly as the construction.


Site Characteristics

Whenever choosing the site, it is important to pay attention to the site's topography. Let us have an explained look at how it is supposed to be.

Incline: The land needs to be flat so that the construction is easier and cheaper. Sloping land can cost you a lot, as you will have to spend extra on leveling it.
Plantation: Make sure that the land you buy should not have too many trees or plantations on it. With time, the roots will start interference with the construction and hence reduce the durability.
Soil Quality: The composition and nature of the soil will assess the land's sustainability, the extent to which excavations will be necessary for preparing the land, and the expense with which you will be capable of constructing the foundations of your modular house.


Zoning Limitations

While selecting a piece of land for modular construction, ensure to look into zoning and overhead limits that have been put on the land. If the estate is adjacent to government land, has a water pipeline nearby, or has a decommissioned government road running through it, it may be subject to many limitations.

Take into account what type of construction is allowed in the area that you choose and learn about the future construction projects scheduled in the area while researching about zoning restrictions. Houses on adjacent blocks may or may not indicate that you can safely begin your project there. They may well have been constructed before the passage of a now-existing zoning law. Hence, the best thing would be to talk to the local authorities.


Connectivity and Accessibility

Make sure that the site you pick should provide you with access to all the amenities you will require every day. Check for the water supply in the area and whether you will get access to it 24X7. The next important thing you need to pay attention to is road and transportation. Accessible roads to handle heavy loads of modular homes will be required. Avoid the roads that are narrow and have overhanging edges, as they can be a trouble.

These were some points that you need to keep in mind whenever you are looking for a site, to begin with, the processing of your dream home.


Saman Portable is Here to Help You!!!

Being the expert in modular construction, Saman Portable is here to help you in the best way. We are always on-the-go to help you out with the most amazing prefabricated modular houses ideas and how you can get them assembled at your place in no time. You no more need to worry about anything, as we are always ready to help all our clients by helping them choose the site. Hurry up and contact us for assistance!

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