Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Shipping Container Home

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Shipping Container Home

There is no doubt that container homes have gained a massive level of popularity over recent years. In fact, most people

prefer to use prefabricated cabin or container homes compared to conventional models due to longevity, flexibility, and

savings. Besides, there is a lot of benefits to having a shipping container home. For example, they are environmentally

friendly, highly durable, and affordable. Even though they are easy to construct, you need to avoid some mistakes while

buying them to get the maximum benefits.

1. Utilizing a wrong shipping container

Even though all the things depend on the buyer’s preference, it would be

better for you to go for a prefabricated cabin that has additional height

so that you will enjoy better comfort. You can utilize the extra height for

the ceiling to make your place adequately insulated. Shopping with a

reliable shipping container home provider can help you in this.




2. Don’t consider the local regulations

Some people don’t follow the local planning and building laws and

regulations while buying a shipping container home. Such steps from you

can lead to severe consequences. The structure should be made based

on local laws. Construction or building standards will vary from one state

to another. So, check them properly.




3. Using wrong construction material for insulation

You need to consider different factors while buying insulation material for

your container home, for instance, the style of the home, budget, local

climate, and how old the container home is. By using the wrong insulation

material, you can make your shipping container home uninhabitable. You

can avoid such issues by working with a professional shipping container

home provider as they know what types of insulation material will work

best for you, and they will get it done for you. Are you looking for a

professional container home builder who can offer you the best

quality container home or prefabricated cabin that will match the local planning regulation? For this, you can always trust

SAMAN POS India Pvt. Ltd. For more details about them and  their services, you can get in touch with them at

Tips for Container Office

Tips for Container Office

Tips for Setting up Your Own Container Office

Container office manufacturer have hit the market like a pro because a lot of business organizations have started to invest in porta cabins on their on-site projects in order to equip their employees with the instruments and the requirements of the project. You will get a big list covered with great tips for container office and its features.

Container office is an affordable yet green solution for you office space on on-site projects. Instead of investing the capital in permanent building, you can get your hands on portable office cabins that you can move around form one site to another when the projects are completed.

The best part is that you can get both new and used portable cabins in the country to convert them into versatile and flexible office containers by hiring container office manufacture who is an expert at his job. Most newbies see this as if it is a hard task but if you look at it more closely you will notice that it is nothing but an easy solution to your bug problem.




Porta Office Cabin Manufacturer | SAMAN POS India Pvt Ltd
Tips for Container Office
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Benefits and features of container office

So today in this article we are going to talk about some of the ways in which you can set your own container office at your job locations and get the most of your investment. So let us go ahead and look at those ideas.


  • Get yourself a One-Trip Containers: Most organizations fail to decide on the type of shipping container office that they need in order to setup their container office. It you buy a new shipping container to work on then it is going to be more studier than a used one but on the other hand a used shipping container site office would be more affordable for your container office. 
  • Go for a Container Made of Corte Steel: When buying yourself a shipping container to set up a container office you will most probably be looking for something that is durable and easy to maintain because it is like your off-site office which you will be moving here and there from one project to another.
  • So it is advised that you get yourself a container that is made from Corten Steel. Corten steel possess certain qualities that makes it resist corrosion and harsh environments which is why they are more durable and low maintained as compared to the other shipping container. They would be able to stand harsh weather conditions and save you a lot of repair cost.
  • Consider HVAC and Plumbing System: Many container office manufacturers provide their customers with customized container office options as well. You can go for a number of customization depending on the type of work that you will be doing in the office but the two most important customization are to install HVAC system and a plumbing system in your container office.
  • If you have any requirement of container, please contact us. SAMAN as a manufacturer has so many solutions and tips for container office to be manufactured with quality raw materials and well designs.

Prefabricated Steel Structure

Prefabricated Steel Structure

Prefabricated steel structure

SAMAN POS India Pvt Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of prefabricated steel structure. Based in Bangalore, we are popular across the globe. We fulfill the needs of the clients in no time and offer cost-effective services. Every individual looks for effective and proven ways to reduce the cost of the project. Hence, they opt for the prefabricated steel structure, available with us. We are also one of the eminent suppliers of these steel furniture. In addition, we offer our services to different public and private sectors, catering to the needs of the clients. Besides, one of the prominent reasons why our clients love is due to the fact that we offer portable solutions. Also, we aim to fulfill them with the utmost enthusiasm. Furthermore, we ensure to deliver the steel furniture at the destined place in the right time.

We offer reliable solutions

SAMAN POS India Pvt Ltd is one of the reputed manufacturers of prefabricated portable cabins across the country. We provide reliable solutions in the installation of these steel structures. First, we supply the fabricated steel furniture, as required by you, within an exclusive budget. Next, to that, we have a team of experienced and skilled professionals who can customize the steel furniture, as asked by the clients. Secondly, we ensure that the prefabricated steel structure, available with us, are best in terms of look and quality. Third, we adopt the latest techniques for the manufacture of these structures. We also opt for ISO certified raw materials, along with trained, expertise and experienced workforce to fulfill your portable cabin demands.

We employ skilled and reliable workforce to produce these fabricated buildings. Again, we make sure to do proper follow up so that we can offer products with 100% quality. We too offer fast and quick deliveries along with exclusive prices and supreme quality in the market.

Why choose our products

If you need additional space for our business, you can choose the prefabricated steel buildings, available with us. First, you can use them in order to store different items that are needed for your business. Second, to that, you can install these types of prefabricated steel structure, available with us in order to conduct different aspects of the business. Third, you can choose this structure, as temporary or permanent solutions for the business. Fourth, a wide array of clients go for these products to offer a more comfortable working environment to the clients.

In several cases, they are useful in order to reduce energy through reliability and quality. Additionally, it is possible to achieve several aspects of the business by adopting steel furniture, available with us. The prefabricated steel structure, available with us comprises of different factory build components. They are assembled on the site for completing the unit. These processes bring a reduction in the construction time at the site. Next, to this, they also facilitate effective quality control in addition to labor component which is required in the site. You can construct these prefabricate steel furniture, at a cost which is half as compared to that of the traditional furniture. These steel furniture are going to steal your heard with the aid of their sleek appearance.

Best Structure

They can withstand different adverse conditions of weather. Also, you can make sure that they do not get rusted easily. You can choose the best quality among these furniture in order to meet the budget and requirements. You can find a boost in the productivity of the business by choosing these steel furniture, available with us. They are also in high demand in both commercial and residential sectors. They are the cost-effective solutions for the long term and short term engagement for different projects. If you are searching for prefabricated steel furniture of premium quality, contact us today.

Portable Cabins India

Portable Cabins India

Forget Those Brick-and-Mortar Offices! – Here Is Your Best Alternative!

Yes – times are changing. We are living in a fast-world where time is the scarce-commodity. In this changed scenario, why waste your precious time and money in building premises in the old fashion? Here is Saman Portable Office Solutions to meet your requirement of any nature, through “porta cabins”. Wonder what are porta cabins? Just read further and you are bound to agree with Saman Portable Office Solutions.

When you need an office-building, a cabin, a Bunkhouse or any such premises for your business and commercial purposes, you require only contacting Saman. They are expert technicians with a big team of craftsmen to supply you pre-fabricated premises instantly, and fit it on the location wherever you want – be it a hill-station, barren land, seashore or a project site, where you want your employees to work comfortably.

As if like magic, you will see by your own eyes a newly built, painted and with decorated and furnished interior, a convenient office premises appearing from nowhere. The materials used by Saman (with your consent of course) are of highest quality, unbreakable ones with durability and long-life. The office premises will not be inferior in anyway compared to conventional buildings. In fact, they will be more spacious because the walls are not as thick like the brick-and-mortar offices, to occupy more space.

Saman offers you a plethora of choices in ready-made-office buildings as follows:

  • Porta Cabins
  • Bunk House
  • Container Office
  • Portable Cabins
  • Cargo Container Office
  • Portable Security Cabin
  • Portable Mobile Toilet

If you visit their site, you will be astonished to see the photographs parading before you of the above pre-fabricated built-ups – each one looking unique in its own way. They will steal your heart by their sleek appearance, the most-spacious floor-areas to get converted the way you want them to be and the possibilities available for their use.

For example, under the caption “Porta Cabins” they offer – ACP Porta Cabin; Prefab Portable Cabin; Porta Offices; and PVC Porta Cabin etc. This way, you can choose the best of best among them to meet your requirements and budget.

Now you can consider the innumerable advantages in ordering these Porta Cabin Offices –

  • You can order them to be fixed on any location of your choice
  • You can order them for any floor-area – small, medium or big – according to your requirement of space and utility functions
  • You can customize the office floor with any decoration, furniture, and facilities you want, to get all-round appreciation from your clients and customers.
  • Supposing you want to shift the office to any other locations, porta cabins are the best choice. Since it is built for the actual location, dismantled and re-built at the next location by the same manufacturers, namely Saman Portable Office Solutions, you can have the same and similar interior decorations and facilities, as existed in the previous location.
  • An amiable and lovely office-environ will help motivate the employees and increase their productivity greatly.

Your porta cabin ready-made office is just a click away!


Is portable cabins useful for a project?

Is portable cabins useful for a project?

What Are Portable Cabins?

Portable Cabins are prefabricated cabins that come in a wide range of different shapes and sizes. Made from different materials such as plastic, fiber glass, plywood, normal glass, etc., prefabricated Portable Cabins can be easily customized as per the requirements and specifications of a business owner. These cabins are known for their strength and durability. As a matter of fact, high quality Portable Cabins can last as long as permanent office fixtures in some cases.

Advantages and features Of Portable Cabins:

  • Ease of relocation to locations within and outside the proximity of an office or home
  • Lower Cost due to use of light weight material in the construction of Portable Cabins
  • Lower Cost of Shifting and Handling
  • Efficient use of scarce space
  • Ideal for remotely located offices and homes

Uses Of Portable Cabins

  • Construction Site: In Construction areas, Portable Cabins serve as a base for the staff working on site. One of the biggest advantages of using a Portable Cabin is that it can be easily shifted from one location to another.
  • Office: If a company needs an office or an extension to the current workspace, Portable Cabins can be a suitable and an effective way to achieve that. This modular range of cabins can be integrated to complement existing office designs. They are as comfortable as regular offices and offer all the benefits of modern office.
  • Classroom: A lot of colleges and campuses make use of these portable cabins to add a semi-permanent classroom. These cabins can be modified from the inside to look just like brick-and-mortar classrooms with electric systems, carpet and furniture installed.
  • Storage: In addition to these uses, Portable Cabins are ideal for storage. These cabins can be used to keep the items inside safe. Expensive items such as machinery, etc. can be locked up safely inside the storage cabin.
    Are you looking for a reliable Portable Cabins Manufacturer? If yes, look no further than Portable Office. With a wide array of products on offer, Portable Office Co. offers customized solution for Portable Bunk Houses, Portable Kitchen Cabins, Portable Mobile Cabin, Portable Office Cabin, Portable Resorts, Portable Security Cabins, Portable Toilet Cabins and Workstations. Besides this, Portable Office . provides renting option for portable accommodations. For more information, please feel free to contact us at


Is portable cabins useful for a project?